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I’m so excited you’re interested in partnering with us! You can send me an email at [email protected]. My name is Sabrina Molu and I am the charming and witty voice behind Hey Simply. In a city of transplants, I’m a born & bred Atlantan with a creative soul and a love of girltalk. My brand allows me to connect with women in their late teens to early 30s who are interested in everything lifestyle and travel related. They are millennial women who are undergoing major life changes like graduating, moving into their own places, settling down with a partner, and enjoying the fruits of their labor by traveling around the world. 


Influencers provide immediate content for your destination that is easily searchable on the web, broadcast to a loyal audience, shared exponentially via social media, and easily tailored to your liking. By contrast, working with travel journalists nearly always results in lesser coverage at a date far in the future, and the coverage you desire could be scrapped by an editor at any time. In an increasingly web-driven world, travelers are turning to web-created content, social media platforms, and blogs are becoming a more prominent part of that space. Micro-influencers have cultivated strong credibility, resulting in a trusting and loyal audience. Unlike their larger counterparts, micro influencers have built a loyal audience, have magazine style vibrant photos, and excellent writing skills.

As an influencer, my brand is my voice and I pride myself on the quality of my content. I’ve spent 10 years building a brand that is authentic, engaging, and honest. My readers know me, like me, and trust me – so adding my stamp of approval to a business that they may be unfamiliar with is key when doing brand collaborations. 


Simply Sabrina readers are adventurous, stylish, and creative individuals. The readers are 73% female ages 18-42 and live all around the world. These are women who work hard and enjoy their lives and the indulgences that come with that. They enjoy travel and to see the world and look to trustworthy sources like influencers to help with the planning process including: where to stay, what to eat, and things to do.

As an Atlanta influencer, the home city takes the cake for amongst nationwide cities with a whopping 33% of overall readership. With the majority US presence (85%), the remaining Simply Sabrina worldwide audience with a strong presence in the UK, Canada, and India.

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Sabrina has worked with hotels on travel posts ranging from romantic getaways with the Hilton Paris Opera Hotel to an LA excursion with the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Here is an example of what a travel post looks like: 72 Hours In ChicagoSandestin Travel GuideWhere To Stay In Paris, or San Diego Travel Guide.

  • Instagram Takeover on the hotel’s account 
  • High-Resolution photography for use 
  • SEO Friendly Blog Post recounting the experience 
  • Instagram series highlighting the property 
  • Video Vlog featured on multiple social media channels
  • Multi-Platform social media promotions 
  • Highly engaging Pinterest strategy



In addition to traditional blog posts and social media amplification we’ve incorporated more video content into our social media strategy and the response with our audience has been exciting to see. Connecting with them through live video, Instagram stories, and compelling video travel vlogs is something we really enjoy! Here’s video coverage of our trip to Chicago with the W Lakeshore Hotel.