10 Easy and Simple Way to Smell Good and Fresh All the Time
10 Simple Ways How to Smell Good and Fresh All the Time

If you are curious how to smell good and fresh all the time, I’m sharing here my 10 tips and methods on how I get a “you smell good” compliment.

How I Avoided Post Partum Depression
What Helped Me AvoidPostpartum Depression *I Think*

I need to put a HUGE disclaimer on this post that this was my individual…

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3 Changes To Make NOW For Your Most Productive Self

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39 Daily Affirmations for Positivity

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8 Easy Habits To Get You Started With Self Love

It’s a pretty poorly hidden secret that I love almost everything Mindy Kaling creates. The…

No, I Can’t Grab Coffee. Here’s Why.

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No Doughnut Exclamation Point
Things You Need to Start Saying No To

Sorry Shondra, the ‘Year of No’ is a real thing (that’s a witty reference to Shondra Rhimes “Year of Yes” book for my non-literary friends.) Often on the weekends, I’m stressing about the projects that I need to complete in order to be prepared for the upcoming week. When my friends want to kick it and have fun, I am hyperaware of the things that I could be doing in order to be productive over relaxed. The balance between overwork and productively is a tough line to straddle and I find myself having to say no more often then I would like to in order to be truly present in my downtime….

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Do These 10 Things Every Single Day

Lately, I’ve been reading more and more “self-help” books which is interesting because I never considered this type of content to be up my alley. Nowadays with life being so busy, I try to use every minute of “downtime” to work towards bettering myself and I’ve learned a lot along the way. There are small things that you can do to put your mind at ease and get more done while staying happy. Mental health is so important and I strongly believe in taking care of yourself (even when…