Top Products to Buy on Sephora Savings Sale 2024

I know how overwhelming it can get to decide what to pick up from the Sephora Savings Sale. I put together these recommendations of tried and true favorites that will help you what to add on your cart.

What I’m Buying On Ulta Semi-Annual Beauty Sale 2024

This is the first time this year that Ulta is offering 50% off on many items.

Some brands have never done this before, but the catch is that the sales are fleeting. They only last 24 hours.

So I did the research for you. I checked the weekly list, tested them, and selected the best products that I think are worth buying today.

SPF 101: Everything You Never Knew

We all know that sunscreen is important when it comes to actually being in the…

A Complete Beginner Guide to Setting Powder
A Complete Beginner Guide to Setting Powder

Setting powder is a makeup product that is used to set your cream and liquid-based makeup in place. You will apply it at the end of your makeup routine for a matte-finish. It also helps you avoid creasing, smudging, and getting oily.

Okay, WTF Is Toner? Do I Really Need It?

For as long as I can remember I’ve heard of this thing called ‘toner’. No, not the printer one – the skincare one. Apparently, it’s a mystical substance crucial to the process, but no one really knows why. So I set out to get the truth. What the heck is toner actually and why do we need it? Well, here are the facts:

Brilliant Hacks To Do Every Day For Better Skin

I love writing posts that I love to read, and one of the things that’s been top of mind right now for me is skincare. The same way you take care of your responsibilities at work, school, or for your family & friends – you need to have non-negotiables for yourself. Let’s start with the simple stuff, do these 4 easy things to have better skin immediately. . .

Skin Care
Three Common Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Skin

They say that with good skin you don’t even need to wear makeup, well — good skin and lash extensions. I, on the other hand, am more of a skeptic. I think that skincare is so important to your overall health & beauty routine, but am I ready to throw in the towel on my concealer & compacts? Not a chance. . .

Concealer Favorites For Every Level of Coverage

It’s tough to narrow down my favorites when it comes to concealers because there are…

How To Know If Your Skincare and Foundation Are Water-Based or Silicone Based?

I’m a creature of habit. When I find products I love, it’s hard for me…

Everything You Need to Know About Jojoba Oil

Not many oils are loved the way jojoba oil is in the skincare community. Jojoba…