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Top Products to Buy on Sephora Savings Sale 2024

Top Products to Buy on Sephora Savings Sale 2024

It’s that time of year again! I know how overwhelming it can get when you are trying to decide what (if anything!) you want to pick up from the Sephora Savings Sale.

Now that Sephora announced that Savings Event 2024 will happen from April 5-15, it’s better to know and list down what products you need to add to your cart.

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Top Products to Shop on Sephora Savings Sale 2024

We also included a section where I linked to some of my favorite drugstores and Amazon’s favorite beauty finds in case you are looking for those instead. Happy Shopping! 

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Favorite Sephora Products I’ll Keep Purchasing

I’ve got my must-haves from Sephora that I just can’t live without! These products are essentials in my beauty routine, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Top Picks for Sephora Eye Products

Eye products are some of my favorite things to buy because it’s what I think transforms your makeup game the most.

What I Would Buy:

What I Love About Them:

  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance – I’ve been using a this eyeshadow primer. It prevents creasing and keep your eye makeup look good for longer time.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer – This is a makeup staple for a reason. ABH knows what they’re doing when it comes to brows. This is a great time to pick this up while it’s discounted. I’m buying it in my shade, Dark Brown.
  • Too Faced brown eyeliner – I’ve been using this liquid eyeliner for my eyes. It’s best combo with Urban Decay brown pencil for the perfect shade of brown eyes.
  • Tower 28 Lengthening Mascara – I tried this mascara about years ago and I was really impressed by it. It volumizes and lengthens natural lashes.

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Worth It Sephora Face Products

Phew, not gonna lie – this one was HARD to narrow down. I have a post with my top foundation favorites, but choosing what’s the best- here’s what I think you’ll love. From my go-to tinted moisturizer to my favorite full coverage foundation these are the best face products.

What I Would Buy:

What I Love About Them:

  • NARS Soft Matte Blur Foundation – It truly looks like your skin once it dries and is completely matte without being dry. If you get the right color match, nothing matches your skin better with a flawless finish. It looks like a filter on your face. 
  • Lancome Ultra Wear Concealer –  I loved how good the color match was and I would use as much or as little as I wanted based on the occasion.
  • Tower 28 Tinted Sunscreen – It’s such a good formula for foundation and the fact that it’s tinted sunscreen is kinda epic. I love the way it wears, it dries down so it doesn’t look shiny and is very natural. Plus, no SPF smell or white cast. 
  • IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream Foundation – If you’re looking for more of a medium matte coverage I’d buy one from IT. I has SPF 40. I wear the shade neutral medium. 
  • Laura Mercier Setting Powder – This is literally everyone’s go-to and for good reason. It’s translucent and works for every skin tone. Plus they make these adorable minis that are so perfect for traveling! 
  • Caliray So Blown Blurring Primer – A makeup artist recommended this and it’s a melt-free primer. It’s very lightweight, long-lasting, and absorbs oil. It’s perfect for staying all day even in the summer.
  • Charlotte Tilburry Airbrush Foundation – If matte formulas aren’t your thing, then you need to try this foundation from Charlotte Tilbury. The dewy glow will make your skin shine that the K-beauty glass skin goddess that you are. 

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Best Hair Care Products from Sephora

My favorite hair products are the ones that I actually use and that work for me. Hair products can get really expensive, so I included a few minis for you to try out to see if you like the product before investing in a full-size version. These are things that I’ve used for years. 

What I Would Buy:

What I Love About Them:

  • Living Proof PhD Dry Shampoo – It claims to actually clean hair and it is perfect to add volume to greasy/oily hair. Yes, I know that sounds like a contradiction but it does work.
  • K18 Peptide Prep. This is an incredible detox shampoo that is perfect if you oil your hair. One of my holy grail products.
  • K18 Leave-In Hair Mask – It’s expensive, but it’s worth it. It will repair any hair damage from bleach, color, chemical services, and heat. Just like it has advanced technology that reverses hair damage and 4 uses.
  • Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray – This is an oil-absorbing product essentially a dry shampoo but- hear me out the Zeolite Crystallines, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, and vitamin B5 thicken and add texture to the hair. It is a great two-in-one product.
  • Oribe Royal Blowout Hair – I like to use it while blow-drying my hair and it gives me better results.
  • Kerastase Nutritive Serum – I use this as leave-in serum overnight. It has so many benefits. It helps hydrates, strengthens, detangles, and enhances the shine, of all hair types.

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Holy Grail Skincare Products from Sephora

This one was really hard too since skincare is so personal. I went with items that I’ve used daily. It is also the products I had used when I was pregnant to Mila. If you’re looking for my pregnancy skincare routine, make sure you check out this post

What I Would Buy:

What I Love About Them:

  • Paula’s Choice 2% BHA exfoliant -Adding an exfoliant regularly is a good idea. However, don’t overdo it. This is what I use for my skin for any breakouts.
  • Supergoop Matte Sunscreen – I loved the way it made my skin feel — it’s slightly tinted with no white cast, mineral-based sunscreen. It’s pregnancy safe, safe for people with sensitive skin, people who are nursing, and literally for everyone. It’s also not greasy and completely matte on your face, so there’s none of that SPF shine that you get.
  • Peter Thomas Roth Hydra-Gel Eye Patches – I know it’s quite pricey but it’s worth it. This is best time to buy it while it is discounted. I like to keep mine in the fridge.
  • Sunday Riley C.E.O. Vitamin C Cream – I love this product. It is both vitamin C and the moisturizer. My husband love this cream and finished it.
  • Summer Fridays Midnight Ritual Retinol – It’s a gentle retinol and great for beginners. This is what I’m currently using for once or twice a week.

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Best Bath and Body Care from Sephora

I treat showers as a self-care routine, so I also use various products that help my body look brighter, smoother, and smell better. These are my favorites.

See Also

What I Would Buy:

What I love About Them:

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Recommended Clean Beauty from Sephora

I know we are all trying to do a better job of including clean beauty products into our routine, I know that I am! So here are a few tried and true favorites that our team loves when it comes to rocking the clean beauty game. 

What I Would Buy:

What I Love About Them:

  • SuperGoop – It is a cult clean-favorite after they became a household name with their sunscreens. Unseen Sunscreen and Matte Sunscreen are truly amazing products, but the Unseen is chemical one, so I recommend the Matte that is 100% mineral. It has no white cast, slightly tinted, and no smell or stickiness. Pregnancy, nursing and sensitive skin safe!
  • Tower 28– This brand is also offer a clean beauty products. Their tinted sunscreen is a good formula, it dries down so it doesn’t look shiny and is very natural. Plus, their mascara is also my favorite. It volumizes and lengthens natural lashes.
  • Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm – This is a great skincare product I used during my pregnancy.
  • Glow Recipe Niacinamide Dew Drops – I love the glow that these Dew Drops give me and that keeps my skin radiating even when I apply my makeup for the day.
  • Kosas BB Burst Tinted Moisturizer Gel Cream – It’s light & buildable coverage with a natural finish. I’ve been using it all week and I kinda love it. It’s my favorite “no makeup, makeup” base right now.

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Sephora Savings Event Sale

Sephora Savings Event is a special and limited-time sale that occurs twice a year. It takes place in the spring, usually around March-April, and in the fall, around September-October.

One cool thing about the Sephora Savings is that every Beauty Insider member got a discount. But here’s a catch, the higher your Beauty Insider tier, the bigger your savings and the longer your shopping window.

  • Rouge members get 20% off and first access from 4/5 to 4/15
  • VIB members get 15% off from 4/9 to 4/15
  • Beauty Insider members get 10% off from 4/9 to 4/15
  • All members receive 30% off the Sephora Collection

To avail the discount, just type the code YAYSAVE. No worries, you can use this code more than once. If you’re not an Insider member yet, you can sign it here for free.

Final Thoughts on the Sephora Savings Event

I hope this blog post helps you narrow down your cart to find some great beauty gems in this year’s sale. Always remember that you don’t *need* to buy anything, but if you’ve had your eye on something it’s a great time to snag it.