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Gift Guide: For HIM (under 50)

Gift Guide: For HIM (under 50)

Gift Guide for HIM (Under $50)

  1. Earlier this year I secreted started throwing out all of Sahir’s belts because they were from 2002 and I hate them. I replaced them with this and he’s not mad about it.
  2. I got this in a PR package around the summer and Sahir literally finished it. Normally I don’t like combo products, but this is Vitamin C and moisturizer together and it’s amazing.
  3. I made a rule that if I see Sahir’s socks with a hole in it, they go straight to the trash. He’s been running out quite quickly. These high quality socks are an amazing replacement.
  4. I got this for my office desk and Sahir immediately wanted one too. Easy!
  5. I’ve introduced Sahir to a few different sunscreen options, but he keeps coming back to this one. It’s the only one he will use. Trust me I’ve tried.
  6. Sah hates thick moisturizers, but the water based ones are magic for him. This is the first product he has ever finished.
  7. This is on the wishlist. Upgrading his basic white undershirts is next
  8. If you haven’t started sleeping with an eye mask, you are truly missing out. Once Sahir kept stealing mine and I bought him his own. It’s magical, especially if you travel!
  9. Sahir usually takes his lattes to go in his mug and he loves brand, but used to get so annoyed that it wouldn’t fit in the cupholder, until we found this one that does.
  10. I have a screenshot from Amazon that says “you’ve purchased this item 12 times” – here you go, Sahir’s hair product