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Gift Guide: The Guy Who’s Hard To Shop For

Gift Guide: The Guy Who’s Hard To Shop For

Gift Guide for The Guy Who’s Hard To Shop For

  1. Everyone thinks they don’t need this, but love it when they get it. Sahir has had it for 3 years.
  2. The headphones will be a gamechanger when you fly or are at the gym.
  3. On their groupchat, the guys keep talking about this device. I’ll leave it there.
  4. Sahir got these white sneakers about 2 Christmas’ ago and he’s still going strong
  5. I bought every man in my life a pair of these PJs last year. They are all obsessed.
  6. Upgrading his luggage is something he won’t do for himself, but should.
  7. Speaking of luggage, don’t fly without these. At this point, it’s just irresponsible. 
  8. If you guy has been trying to read more, buy him this Kindle. Sahir got his 6 months ago and is obsessed. He’s never read in his life and uses it every night now.
  9. Before Mila we never slept with a sound machine, and now we can’t sleep without one. This is the one we have in our room. Used it all year and won’t go back.
  10. While a Vitamix is great, this Beast blender can sit on your counter. It’s powerful and has a small footprint. We got ours 4 months ago.