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Gift Guide: For HER (under 50)

Gift Guide: For HER (under 50)

Gift Guide For The Girls (Under $50)

  1. I usually don’t recommend value sets, but I really do love everything from this brand and the minis are great for travel. I own the full size of all of these and can vouch.
  2. I started trying this a few months ago when they launched at Sephora as someone who dreads putting on lotion after the shower (or rushes through it) this is a gamechanger.
  3. I keep one of these in every bag and car, someone please restock them for me. Why are they so expensive, why do I love them? 
  4. Not all socks are created equal. Put me on the naughty list if it means that I get these socks.
  5. I’m kinda done with hair ties that hurt my head, leave dents, and break. I’ve slowly migrated all of my hair ties to these. 
  6. This is slowly becoming one of my favorite brands and I love what’s included in this gift set and the price
  7. On a mission to replace my single use cotton pads with something a little more eco friendly and these mini erasers really does work as it says it does. 
  8. I sent this out to my newsletter a few months ago when I bought two and I have since thrown out all of my cutting boards. Bamboo, dishwasher safe, and no plastic in your food.
  9. I’ve had my pair for three years and I recommend these slippers to everyone. They have grips and are closed in like socks.