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Why Dry Shampoo Doesn’t Work For You?

Why Dry Shampoo Doesn’t Work For You?

You’ve heard the stories of the miracles of dry shampoo, hell you’ve probably heard them from me. But you’ve tried it. You’ve tried the sprays, the powders, prayers to the dry shampoo lords of the underworld, the whole she-bang. Now you’re convinced that dry shampoo just doesn’t work for you.

Or… could it be that you’re using it wrong?

Most studies show that women should avoid washing their hair every day as it strips the stands of their natural moisture. For this reason (among others) the invention of dry shampoo was a godsend to women everywhere. 

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“But no! I have to wash my hair every day! My hair gets SO oily” – trust me, I get it. But dry shampoo can help you train your hair to be washed less often. You just have to use it correctly.

The problem? The trick to using dry shampoo may not be as easy as it looks. Here are the top 6 most common mistakes that people make when using dry shampoo.


You’re too close

If you’re opting for a spray dry shampoo (which is most them) – then you need to back it up. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see people make. You should be spraying your dry shampoo from 5-6 inches away from your head. Distance is key.

It’s going everywhere

As fun as it may be to flip your hair over and spritz your entire head, you don’t need to do this. Save the spritz n’ go for hairspray and don’t be afraid to get gritty when it comes to dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo works by absorbing the oils in your hair and that oil is produced at the roots. Focus your attention closer to your scalp and work that product in.

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But remember, dry shampoo weighs down your hair so go easy on the rest of your hair, especially if you’re trying to maintain volume.

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You’re afraid to get messy

After you spray the product into your scalp, use your fingers to massage the dry shampoo into your scalp. You don’t need a heavy hand, just a basic rub in with your fingertips should do the trick.

Pro tip: make sure to wash your hands before you touch your face or apply any makeup.

You’re not patient

Dry shampoo takes time to settle in, so you need to be patient. On the days that I plan to use my trusty dry shampoo, I usually spray it into my roots, massage it out, tie my hair into a messy bun, and start my makeup. By the time I’m done, my hair is ready to be brushed out. & yes — you have to brush your hair after you use dry shampoo.

You’re trying to set it & forget it

Unfortunately, the effects of dry shampoo will only last you a few hours at a time. To keep your mane looking fresh longer, just keep a hairbrush on you.

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Once you have let the product settle in, you must brush out your hair to see the effect of the dry shampoo.

Similarly, you’ll need to do this every 4-5 hours to avoid having your hair go limp. Once in the morning, once a lunch, and once on your way out of the office should be just fine.

You’re choosing the wrong kind

Finding the right dry shampoo for your hair is like finding your perfect eyebrow technician. You gotta try a few, but when you find the right one – you’ve got a friend for life.

The unfortunate part is that you will probably have to sample a few along the way. If you haven’t tried powder dry shampoo, I highly recommend it. This is my favorite.

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Final Thoughts About Dry Shampoos

I’ve linked my 4 favorite dry shampoos to give you a place to start. Recently, I’ve been gravitating toward powder dry shampoos. Aveda is my ride or die and I keep one in every single bag I own, but recently found that Kristen Ess has a similar product (without the longevity) for a good price. If you only like aerosol, I would go with Vegamour and Living Proof.

I hope this helps in finding the right dry shampoo for your hair!