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BIBLE. This Dry Shampoo Kept My Hair Clean For An Entire Week

BIBLE. This Dry Shampoo Kept My Hair Clean For An Entire Week

Aveda Dry Shampoo

Some people are wine connoisseurs, others are ice cream aficionados, and my friends, I know my dry shampoo. I’ve tried over 30 brands in all formulas: the mists, the sprays, and my personal favorite- the powder. Each brand promises magical results, but often fall short of commercial quality hair: shiny, volumized, and blowing in the hypothetical wind. Lately, there’s only one brand I’ve been obsessed with and it’s cleared out my entire supply of other dry shampoo bottles.

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Dry Shampoo

I first got the Aveda Shampowder (formally Shampure) in a PR box at some point a few years ago. It took a while for me to get it out of the box, but when I finally tried it- I never looked back. The Shampowder formula is a bit different compared to the formulas that I previously used. The little green bottle is comprised of a white powder substance that that is designed to absorb oil instantly.

I know what you are thinking, unless you have Khaleesi white hair, the idea of using a tacky white powder shampoo on dirty hair sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen. In fact, companies like Batiste have designed products specifically for dark hair that we’ve all bought into. But from experience, I know that the product will in fact dissolve. Trust me, ladies.

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You will, in fact, have to use more products than you think. This is a fact, but not a deal-breaker. The Aveda Shampowder bottle is filled with products and will last you a long time. The best way to use a powder dry shampoo is to part your hair in the center and then work it into the roots of your hair. Continue to part your hair in small sections to the right and to the left while massaging the powder at the top of your hair. Check out the post below and swipe to see it in action!