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Holy Grail Hair Products

Holy Grail Hair Products

Hair Products

I’ve been thinking a lot about the brands that I use every day and what drew me to them. There is no shortage of hair styling products, but what makes you choose the one that you do? Pretty packaging? High rating on Amazon? Or, is it just a personal recommendation? Almost every product that is in my beauty arsenal came from the recommendation of someone I trust.

Hair Products

 With my expanded hair & beauty category on my blog – I want to be that for you. I’ve tried a million dry shampoos, so when a girlfriend asks me about which one to use, I’m an encyclopedia of knowledge. Below are some of my favorite products to solve your worst hair woes.

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Hair Breakage

One of the first thing you learn in YouTube land, when watching a hair tutorial, is that you need to prime & protect your hair. The products we use go to over 400 degrees– and no one wants to end up like the curling iron girl. (You know who I’m talking about!)


Thinning Hair

I love my hair… most days. But every so often I add product to make it thicker. I’m currently using the Aveeno Thickening Spray, just spray all over before blowdrying! Voila!


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Lack Of Volume

If I had to zone in on one hair complaint it’s that my hair has no volume. With the gift of naturally stick-straight hair, comes absolutely no volume. I actually sleep on my hair wet just to get somebody. Lucky for me, these products exist. Unlucky? Oribe is ridiculously expensive.


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Oily Hair

I will never understand the women who tell me “I’ve tried dry shampoo, and it just doesn’t work for me!” By Thursday, my hair is 80% dry shampoo and I couldn’t live without it. The trick is in the application, make sure you are doing it right and not making THESE common mistakes.


Everyone has hair problems that they deal with, just be sure not to overdo it with the product and be cautious that over-washing can strip your hair of it’s natural oils. Similarly, overheating (blow-drying, curling, straightening, wanding, etc) is pretty much the worst thing so pencil time in to airdry your hair and go au-natural a few days a week! 

I’ll be doing a follow up to this post with my top products to fight frizz, repair damage, and protect color treated hair. If you have any product recommendations that I should add to the list or hair troubles that you need ideas for – shoot them my way!