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This Brilliant Hair Hack Is Perfect For 3rd Day Hair

This Brilliant Hair Hack Is Perfect For 3rd Day Hair

There are a few things you should know about me. 1) I only wash my hair two or three times a week and 2) I’m the type of person that always has to have my hair back when I eat. The first one, totally acceptable, and I highly recommend it. The second one is probably one of my least redeeming qualities. I can have gorgeous curls that I spent hours on with beautiful volume until I bite into a doughnut – then I immediately need my hair off my neck and pulled into a ponytail or usually a quick bun. Something about the possibility of food getting in my hair just irks me. True, dirty hair can be hard to manage but with a little dry shampoo you can tie your hair up and get through that meeting at the office and a killer mid-week workout. Here’s my favorite hairstyle:

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At least once a week, someone on Instagram sees my messy bun and asks me to recreate it for them. While, I’m happy to do so, I always feel so silly because there is literally nothing involved in it. I just make a ponytail, twist, and wrap. After sending about 9 direct messages videos, literally sitting at my desk to followers, I decided to finally just record a quick video for you guys to be able to reference and watch at your leisure.

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If we are going to be honest, the real MVP of this look is spin pins. I’ve talked about them before in my Best Amazon Beauty Finds post and my Simple Messy Braided Updo post. They say that one of these is equal to 8 bobby pins and I agree. I usually only need two to make my hair stay all day and I highly recommend them to all of my girlfriends. Get the spin pins – you won’t regret it!