10 Easy and Simple Way to Smell Good and Fresh All the Time
10 Simple Ways How to Smell Good and Fresh All the Time

If you are curious how to smell good and fresh all the time, I’m sharing here my 10 tips and methods on how I get a “you smell good” compliment.

How I Avoided Post Partum Depression
What Helped Me AvoidPostpartum Depression *I Think*

I need to put a HUGE disclaimer on this post that this was my individual…

Cluttered Desk
3 Changes To Make NOW For Your Most Productive Self

Managing a full-time job, an almost full-time job, home, and family can get overwhelming. I generally…

Resistance Bands
8 Genius Rules For Working Out During Lunch

I get it. You’re busy. I’m busy – we all have things to do and somehow working out never quite makes the cut when it comes to priorities. We have others counting on us: our coworkers, kids, family members, spouses, etc. how in the world could you take an hour to yourself?  This isn’t a blog post that is going to convince you to make the time for yourself or give you tips on how you can turn it all off and focus on you for an hour. Nah, you gotta do that yourself. BUT once you think you…

Celebrity Books
These Are The Celebrity Books That I Can’t Stop Listening To

At some point last year I made it a mission to start reading books by women whom I admired. Well, I use the term “reading” loosely. I recently discovered audiobooks (more on that later) and fell in love with…

3 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started A Blog

For years you may have heard that “content is king” – meaning it matters less how often you post or how pretty your site is if your content isn’t up to par. You should aim to add value to your reader’s lives with every single post that you create. Post less often, but post better topics that you are passionate about. Faking it doesn’t work here.

Broken Lollipop
How To Gracefully Handle a Friend Breakup

Amongst the many challenging things that come with adulthood is people moving in and out…

6 Things Every Girl In Her 20s Should Know

For years, we’ve been told that 30 is the new 20 and for the most part, I’ve believed it. Although I’m the exception, for most people marriage happens later, kids happen later, we are living longer – why not? Having an extra 10 years to figure out your life sounds incredible and we would be silly to rush it. Or so I thought…. I listened to a Ted Talk a few years ago that has completely changed the way that I aim to live in my 20s. It’s from…

Day in the life of a blogger

I put together a post similar to this a few years ago when I was…

The Key to Long Distance Friendships

Why is it that the best friendships are the least convenient? It could be a…