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5 Minute Little Girl Hairstyles for School

5 Minute Little Girl Hairstyles for School

Growing up, I remember sitting in front of my grandmother and begging her to braid my hair. Hair oiling, styling, and braiding was a love language in our home and as a mom, I wanted to pass that on to my daughter.

In my search for for toddler and little girl hairstyles, I could only find styles that required lots of products and small elastic rubber bands. If I wouldn’t use that in my own hair, I’m certainly not using it in her delicate hair.

I wanted hairstyles that would keep her hair out of her eyes, not require 100 rubber bands, and are EASY and QUICK to do. Since I couldn’t find it, I created it.

But little girl’s hair is weird, the top and bottom hair are in a different lengths, which makes it hard to style. Plus, if you have littles – you know that they don’t sit still for long, so these styles had to be quick.

So, I’ve created my Simple Toddler Hair Series. It’s a series of little girl hair inspirations that it’s so cute and easy to recreate. I personally do these hairstyles on my own daughter, so I can vouch for their simplicity and comfort.

What I also love the most about this series is most of the styles can be done on adult women too. They are easy and especially perfect for short or thin hair.

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Cute and Easy Little Girl Hairstyles. Also Works on Short Hair and Adults too.

Must-haves Products When Doing Your Little Girl Hairstyles

Before I share my hairstyle favorites, here are the things I use for my little. Most of them are hair tools I use to easy style her hair and some are cute accessories. All are available in Amazon.

Hair Essentials for Toddler Hair (Tools and Products)

  • Hair Brushes – I use two kinds of hair combs for my little girl. One is a bristle hair brush and the other is a carbon comb for sectioning her hair.
  • Tail Hair Loops – I use this tool if I do a hairstyle that requires loops and twists in her hair. This makes it easy to do it in gentler way.
  • Hair Alligator Clips – This helps me to hold sections of her hair out of the way when I do some styling like ponytail or braid. I also use this to my hair.
  • Bobby pins – I only need this if I need to secure some loose strands or ponytail in her hairstyle.
  • Hair Bun Maker – If I do bun and I want to perfect the donut shape in her hair, I use this tool. This makes her bun neater and cuter.
  • Water Hair Spray Bottle – I always use this in every hairstyle. It’s just a spray bottle that you can put water in, which helps for detangling and hydrating her hair.

Hair Products that Help Styling the Hair (if only needed)

  • Conditioning Hair Polish – This is what I used for leave-in conditioner for my little. It’s a plant-based and cruelty-free brand so I love this. This moisturizes her hair and reduce frizz that helps to style her hair.
  • Hair taming – I use two kinds of hair taming to instantly slick back flyaways. You can choose whether a cream version or a magic wand stick.
  • Hair Styling Cream – Normally, I don’t use hair styling product for my little hairstyle, but if there’s a need to do so, I use this brand.

Cute Hair Accessories to Elevate Girl’s Hairstyle

  • Ribbon clips – I use variety of ribbons and bows to my little girl’s hair. I have collections of it and you can see it in my hair series. I used handmade ribbons 1/ handmade ribbon 2.
  • Hair Ties – I either use hair fabric elastics ties or mini scrunchies — these are expensive but worth the money!
  • Claw Clips – I found mini claw clips and I am obsessed with them. But as always, kids play, run, and can fall, so please exercise caution in what you put in their hair. You know your family best.

5-Minute Little Girls Hairstyles for School or Any Occasion

25+ Little Girl Hairstyles Inspiration you can try for your Daughter or Your Own Hair.

Simple Braid Hairstyle – French Braid

I love this French braid hairstyle because the front of my daughter’s hair is shorter than her back, and this keeps her hair from her eyes. This hairstyle is also perfect for little girls with short hair.

How to do French Braid Hairstyle?

  1. French braid the section of your little girl’s hair. Make sure you include the hair strands that may go to her eyes.
  2. Use claw clips or alligator clips to hold the braid. Gather the rest of the hair and use mini scrunchie/hair ties to create one loop.
  3. Put ribbon or clips to accessorize the ponytail.

If you want to learn how to French braid, you can watch this short tutorial.

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Adorable Bun Hairstyle – Ballerina Bun

I’m obsessed with her ballerina bun! I didn’t think it was possible since her hair was so short, but with a little bit of creativity, I did it and you can too.

How to do Ballerina Bun Hairstyle?

  1. Section the top half of the hair, then create a loop ponytail. That’s one bun.
  2. Then, gather the rest of the hair and create another loop. Now you have two little buns. Make sure that you make it as close as possible to each other.
  3. Use one scrunchie to secured the the two buns to make a one big bun.

Cute Braided Bun Hairstyle – Double Braided Bun

I got so many requests for easy braided buns. It’s the best because the hair in the back is often longer than the front. And, this hairstyle lets you keep the buns up front and no hair falling out.

How to do Double Braided Hairstyle?

  1. Divide the hair into two. In one side, gather all the hair from the top up to above the ear. Then create a loop to make a bun.
  2. Then, gather the rest of the lower hair and braid it to the bottom.
  3. After that, put the braid up on the bun and secure it with a hair bow.
  4. Repeat the process in the other side.

Best Ponytail Hairstyle – Triple Little Pigtails

Triple the tails, triple the charm! Just whipped up this adorable hairstyle for my little one. Can’t get over how cute it turned out!

How to do Triple Little Pigtails?

  1. Section her hair into two sides. In one side, create a ponytail to the top right corner. Make a hold in the middle and slip the ponytail in itself.
  2. Then, section another part of her hair and do the same procedure. Make sure that the tail of your first ponytail is included in the next section. You can use the hair loop tool to make the twist easier and gentler.
  3. Gather the rest of the hair below and create a bun.
  4. Repeat the process in the other side. Then accessorize it with ribbon or hair clips.

Quick Claw Clip Hairstyle – Cross Claw Clip

I love how super SIMPLE this girl hairstyle is. If you don’t have more time to style your toddler hair, but still want to make it great, this is your go-to. You can also try it for yourself.

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How to do Cross Claw Clip?

  1. Section her hair in halfway. Get the upper hair and divide into two parts.
  2. Cross them part to each other, then put the one up while down for the other.
  3. Use mini claw clips in-between them to secure it.

Lovely Braid with Claw Clip Hairstyle – Messy Claw Clip

I enjoy doing this hairstyle. If you don’t know what hairstyle you should do to your little one, you can re-create this. This would also work for short hair. The double buns make the perfect base for a claw clip.

How to do Messy Claw Clip?

  1. French braid the section of your little girl’s hair. Make sure you include the hair strands that may go to her eyes.
  2. Get the tail of the french braid and put it in the middle left side of the hair to create a loop ponytail.
  3. Gather the rest of the hair and create another bun. Make sure that the two buns are close with each other.
  4. Use mini claw clips secure the two buns.

Easy Ribbon Hairstyle – Ponytail with Ribbon Accesories

Here’s a cute way to keep the hair out of their eyes with another simple hairstyle. I love how ribbons can make it look girly and cute.

How to do Ponytail with Ribbon

  1. Section the top of your little girl’s hair. Then, gather the upper hair for a ponytail.
  2. Make a hole in the middle and slip the ponytail in itself. You can also use hair loop tool to make it easier to twist the hair.
  3. Put ribbon at the top of the ponytail to accesorize it.

Final Thoughts for Cute and Easy Little Girl Hairstyles

Little girl hairstyles don’t need to be complicated to make a big impact. Simple styles like ponytails, braids, or buns can be just as charming. These hairstyles are cute, easy, and comfortable to your little’s hair.

If you want more hairstyles, you can follow me on my Instagram. I’ve already created 27 simple toddler hairstyles for now, and will surely upload more easy tutorials soon.

As always, if you decide to give it a try, don’t forget to send me a photo! I would love to see it!

Hope this blog helps you what hairstyle will you try to your little!