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Gift Guide: Girl Who Has Everything 

Gift Guide: Girl Who Has Everything 

Gift Guide for The Girl Who Has Everything
  1. Candle lamp warmer that makes you not have to worry about burning your house down even you’re “burning” your favorite candle. 
  2. These joggers are my most comfortable lounge pants (that you can wear in public) I’ve had mine for 2 years and I’m asking for another pair this year. 
  3. This latte machine will save you so much in the long run. I like that this one has milk built in, but this is the one we have at home and have had it for 4 years.
  4. I don’t know anyone who has an Oura Ring and doesn’t swear by it –  it’s finally on sale and I really want it. 
  5. There’s two types of BD robes and THIS is the one to get. I bought this in my postpartum state and wished I had it sooner. I still wear it and it’s been two years!
  6. I’ve had these Mejuri earrings for three years and I love them so much
  7. These sneakers are what I got last Christmas and they go with everything. So comfortable and white leather is timeless. 
  8. A pretty tea kettle makes everything better. It really does.
  9. I got this dress for my sister last year and she said it was the best thing she’s been gifted. She wore it all year even through pregnancy! It’s so flattering, even for changing body types.
  10. I was kinda mad that I spent my own money on this palette four months ago, when I get so many for free, but I unfortunately love it. I’m so sorry, but you should get it.