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11 Men Share The Moment They Knew Their Partner Was The One

Want to know what my favorite part of every wedding is? It’s the vows. It’s…

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Why My Husband Would Never Get A Prenup

Being engaged is such a magical time. Everyone is congratulating you and you wake up every morning staring at that shiny metal on your finger. You’re ecstatic, yet stressed about the wedding you are about to have. But just like you have to have the conversation about your guest list (and how your stepdad’s second cousin’s niece cannot come) – you need to discuss sensitive topics with your partner…

Boyfriend Red Flags + How To Avoid Them

It’s literally no secret that dating right now can get pretty miserable. In an era…

Mom and Daughter
3 Life-Changing Rules to Improve Your Mother-Daughter Relationship

I think there is a certain point in every woman’s life where she realizes that a phenomenally kick-ass woman her mom is and heavily regrets all of the unnecessarily trouble she put her mom through. Maybe it’s because we are getting older or even considering the day that we become moms ourselves, but there are so many things I wish I would have done when I lived closer to my mom…

3 Relationships Resolutions You Need To Make Right Now

Summer’s heating up and maybe that means your relationship is too. Whether you’ve been in a relationship for two weeks or two years, you are likely no stranger to the challenges of sustaining a meaningful partnership with another person. At a certain point in time (arguably around the two year mark) things start to change. Research says that the “honeymoon” period likely ends between 1.5 – 2.5 years into your relationship and conversations start steering away from their usual tone. When you start to notice this happen in your relationship it’s likely that you might…

FYI – Women Hate Red Roses & Other Things You Should Know

The best flower to buy a woman in your life (or man, we don’t judge!)…

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One Thing I Wish I Had Known About Marriage

There is no particular reason why I am entitled to give you advice on marriage. I’m not your grandparent who has been married 50 years or an award-winning relationship counselor. I’m simply (see what I did there?) a woman who has been with her partner for quite a while and is coming up on 3 years of marriage. Over this time, I’ve learned a few things.

When you get engaged, you’ll learn that…

Why 50/50 In Relationships Isn’t Possible

Disney & High School Musical have pretty much screwed us in terms of relationship expectations. I mean if you don’t meet your soulmate being forced to sing on a New Year’s Eve cruise with your family, where will you? In an age of split-second swiping decisions and terrible Tinder dates – you’d think that when you find a real relationship, the hard part is over. As your self-proclaimed fairy-god girlfriend it’s my job to give it to you straight. Relationships are hard and take effort to make them work. One of the biggest misconceptions is that 50/50 is the way to go and I’m here to tell you why that won’t work…

100 Women Share What Annoys Them The Most About Their Husbands

After being in a relationship for half of my life (with the same person) I…

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The Biggest Sacrifice I Made for my Marriage

I was chatting last week with a few girls about love and relationships and I was asked: “What is the biggest sacrifice that I’ve made in my marriage?” I had spent the entire night chatting away, but on this one – I was stumped. “Sacrifice? What do you mean? I love being married. I chose my partner myself, he’s wonderful to me. What sacrifice could I have possibly made?” Three days later, it dawned on me. 

You have to understand that I married one of the sweetest, kindest, and selfless men there are in the world. He wants the best for me and almost always over what’s beneficial for him. He is the kind of man that every woman should marry, and he doesn’t ask for much from me. But this one thing was important to him.