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Quit Bashing Our Generation, Here’s Why We’re Awesome

Quit Bashing Our Generation, Here’s Why We’re Awesome

Millennials get a bad reputation for being lazy, entitled, or apathetic. What those who label us forget to mention is that we are also determined, passionate, and empowered. We find purpose in the work that we do and aren’t okay being complacent in our lives. As the generation of technology, while our phones do consume us, we have access to the world’s information at our fingertips and we feel like we are a part of a global community.


Millennials working harder than any generation that predates them, in fact, more than 50% of us are running side hustles and being epic multitaskers. We love to learn from experience, problem solve, and want the flexibility to do our work on the go and wherever we are.


 Whether you identify as Gen X, Gen Y or even Gen Z- there’s a place for you in Gen Steve. Steve Madden is blurring generational lines and bringing the focus back to us as people and not as a population. For me that means that I can juggle my two careers, married life, managing a home and taking care of myself. I can be a super millennial with my avocado toast and Netflix binges and go to bed before 11 on a Saturday. I love that I can be myself wherever I am and that means dressing up or dressing down for work. I can wear a cute flowy dress or fancy leather skirt and these ankle boots will go with both! I have to mention that they have a hidden heel which is so perfect so little me.

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I’ve been wearing Steve Madden for every stage of my life and I love that #GenSteve is there with me in this boss babe era. Celebrate your individuality and make sure you head to your local Dillard’s to grab a pair of Steven Madden’s and join the campaign.

This post was written in collaboration with Steve Madden. All thoughts & opinions are my own.