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What Baby Brands & Products We Chose For Our Little One

When I was pregnant with Mila and starting to think about all of the things…

10 Easy and Simple Way to Smell Good and Fresh All the Time
10 Simple Ways How to Smell Good and Fresh All the Time

If you are curious how to smell good and fresh all the time, I’m sharing here my 10 tips and methods on how I get a “you smell good” compliment.

My Skincare & Body Care During Pregnancy

It’s funny how posts like this aren’t relevant at all, until they are so relevant.…

Top Products to Buy on Sephora Savings Sale 2024

I know how overwhelming it can get to decide what to pick up from the Sephora Savings Sale. I put together these recommendations of tried and true favorites that will help you what to add on your cart.

5 Minute Little Girl Hairstyles for School

Little girl hairstyles don’t need to be complicated to make a big impact. Simple styles like ponytails, braids, or buns can be just as charming. These hairstyles are cute, easy, and comfortable to your little’s hair.

How to Wash Coconut Oil Out of Hair

Coconut oil is well known for its ability to deeply penetrate your hair, making it sometimes challenging to remove it. But do you know that there are secret tricks to get coconut oil out of your hair? I found a technique that works for me to remove it easier and faster.