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What Baby Brands & Products We Chose For Our Little One

When I was pregnant with Mila and starting to think about all of the things that we needed, I was so overwhelmed. I sat down with multiple friends and went through their…


SPF 101: Everything You Never Knew

We all know that sunscreen is important when it comes to actually being in the sun. What’s relatively new information is that the ‘when, the why, and the how’ is much more…

Things You’re Probably Forgetting When You Travel With Baby

Here is my list of baby items that I use every time we travel. I bought all of them on Amazon, so it should be easy for you to find items. 

I hope this helps you plan your travel.

A Complete Beginner Guide to Setting Powder

A Complete Beginner Guide to Setting Powder

Setting powder is a makeup product that is used to set your cream and liquid-based makeup in place. You will apply it at the end of your makeup routine for a matte-finish. It also helps you avoid creasing, smudging, and getting oily.

Okay, WTF Is Toner? Do I Really Need It?

For as long as I can remember I’ve heard of this thing called ‘toner’. No, not the printer one – the skincare one. Apparently, it’s a mystical substance crucial to the process, but no one really knows why. So I set out to get the truth. What the heck is toner actually and why do we need it? Well, here are the facts:

5 Items We Used Everyday With Mila (3-6 Months)

It’s crazy how fast time flies by! You’ve probably realized your little one is growing so quickly and already moving in and out of favorite items. If you didn’t see my 0-3…

Why Dry Shampoo Doesn’t Work For You?

Most studies show that women should avoid washing their hair everyday as it strips the stands of their natural moisture. For this reason (among others) the invention of dry shampoo was a godsend to women everywhere. The problem? The trick to using dry shampoo may not be as easy as it looks. Here are the top 5 most common mistakes that people make when trying to revamp their ‘do…