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The 5 Best Products From IT Cosmetics

The 5 Best Products From IT Cosmetics

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IT Cosmetics has been a part of my makeup bag for years now and I’m so happy that it’s finally getting the credit that it deserves. L’Oreal bought the company in 2016  from the founder, Jamie Kern Lima, for 1.2 billion dollars. Yes, you read that right. I first tried IT Cosmetics about 5 years and haven’t gone back since. While there are many incredible products (and they continue to release them), here is a great starting point if you are being introduced to the brand. I’ve tried these products, I love these products, and I will continue to buy them (with my own money!) 



  • Started in 2008 by a TV anchor who couldn’t find products for her skin
  • IT stands for “Innovative Technology”
  • Developed with plastic surgeons & dermatologists
  • 100% Cruelty Free
  • Sold on QVC, Ulta & Sephora

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Je Ne Sais Quoi Lip Treatment

It may seem odd to feature a lip treatment first when there are so many great products for your face, but in my makeup routine – this is the first step. I absolutely love my Je Ne Sais Quoi balm and I apply it twice a day before applying lipstick and after taking it off for the night. It’s moisturizing and protects my lips.

 Bye Bye Makeup Cleansing Balm

This is a cult favorite and I keep mine in my shower! After a long day, I love hoping in the shower and using Bye Bye Makeup to take off all of my makeup and cleanse my skin. No more racoon eyes after your bath! Pro tip: Follow with your Clarisonic for that deep clean

 Confidence In A Compact Foundation

TBH – I’m not a huge fan of heavy foundations, but if I’m going to a special occasion and want one, it’s Confidence In A Compact. I was literally in shock after trying this product and am on my third one since the initial purchase. (remember I’ve been using IT for nearly 5 years!) this is a full coverage foundation that you can apply with a brush and comes in a compact – highly recommend!

 Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer

This was the first product that sold out for IT Cosmetics so it’s rightful place should be on this list. This concealer is so real, it can even cover tattoos! Your undereye circles will vanish with just a small amount! Although be wary, when I say a little goes a long way, I mean it. Use a drop and warm up the product on your fingers before applying!

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See Also

CC Cream w/ SPF

This product was developed during the rise of the BB cream, but no one was doing it with color – enter IT Cosmetics’s CC Cream. This was their flagship product and still is what they are famously known for. Aside from the coverage and formula, it also has SPF and that my friends isn’t something to miss. It’s SPF 50 which is incredible! My dermatologist friend’s swear by this one!

I hope this helps you learn about some new products and shop one of my favorite brands. IT Cosmetics is a force in the beauty space and the largest beauty giant clearly thinks so (hello, a billion dollars!) How does that old saying go? If you can’t beat em, buy em? This is one of my favorite brands and I hope you love it as much as I do.