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3 Effortless Hair Hacks For Dry Hair

3 Effortless Hair Hacks For Dry Hair

You love your hair. All the time… most of the time… I mean, I usually do. Well, it’s more of a love-hate kinda thing – but isn’t everyone’s!

We all have our hair struggles, but when the season’s change it is the absolute worst time of year when it comes to my hair damage and breakage. My normal ‘so-oily-I-need-dry-shampoo-by-5pm’ takes a bitter turn and my hair is dry and brittle. To combat the brutal destruction of my mane, I follow a few holy grail guidelines to protect my mane and keep it healthy.

Wash Less

Yes, believe it or not. Less shampoo means more moisture, so to keep the suds away and turn to dry shampoo to get you through an extra day or two. Make sure that you are doing it right and check out my post on the biggest dry shampoo mistakes people make.

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Add The Moisture

Opt for a moisture rich shampoo and conditioner combo. Your hair needs moisture and so many products that promise other results (read: volumizing, clarifying, etc) will actually strip away your hair’s natural moisture in the process.

If you use a product that focuses on moisture, it will often infuse your stands with things like Vitamin E to help maintain breakage. These will help lock in the hydration in a time where the moisture is slipping away. Make sure you focus in on the roots!

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Deep Condition

Opt for an at home treatment like Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Strong Conditioning Treatment. I’ve been using this since I discovered it in high school. I use it once a week with special attention in the colder months. The 3 Minute Miracle is a deep conditioning treatment will restore your hair to summer brilliance and a few short minutes. I like to use it in the beginning of my shower and then rise towards the end. (I get mine at Amazon, and there are so many good leave in conditioners out there!

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These are a few of my favorite things to do to keep my hair healthy this time of year. Taking care of your mane is so important, and these products are a must-have especially if you have any holiday travel on the horizon. What are your favorite tips for keeping your hair strong through the winter months?