The Makeup Products I Completely Emptied

It seems like we’re always chasing what’s new, but for regular girls like me who aren’t makeup artists or doing tons of looks on different people every week – it seems like what’s more important to share are the tried and true products that I keep coming back to. So here it goes:

The Best Drugstore Finds From Physicians Formula

Did you know that the FDA does not regulate the cosmetic industry? Since then, I’ve been super particular about the brands that I wear. Physicians Formula is not only a drugstore brand, but they are allergen and paraben free. If you are getting started with Physicians Formula, I recommend these 5 products…

Instagram’s Top Makeup Artists Share Beauty Secrets For WOC

Ever wanted to know the trade secrets of professional makeup artists? Me too! I grew…

Here’s Why You Need To Know The Difference Between Surface Tone & Undertone

As if it wasn’t complicated enough to try to figure out what your skin’s undertone is and upon further research I discovered that there’s literally another layer to all of this – & it’s call your surface tone. Have you ever felt like you put on foundation that just seemed like you were wearing a mask? Have you ever immediately regretted. . .

Make Up
Beauty Gurus Swear By These 5 Benefit Products

You’ve seen them at the mall, at Ulta and even at the airport, Benefit Cosmetics is everywhere you need a quick fix product and that’s exactly the principle that the company was founded on.True to their San Francisco roots, Benefit’s first product was created for exotic dancers in need of a skin-colored tint – wowza. Here are the top 5 Benefit products today:

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These Are The 5 Best Things You’re Not Buying From Tarte

Tarte Cosmetics hasn’t been around forever, but in the two decades since they launched – they have made a quite a name for themselves. I’ve been a fan of Tarte since high school and the more products I try, the more I love the brand! The Shape Tape concealer has actually changed my life. These are the top 5 products from Tarte:

I’m Happy This Comfortable Trend Is Still Going To Be Cool In 2019

The demand for transparency in the fashion industry has resulted in brands like Burberry and…

Best Mascaras
I Tested 5 Mascaras and the Best One Wasn’t the Most Expensive

Did you know that you are supposed to either finish or throw our your mascara every 6 weeks? Say what? I am certainly guilty of having a few mascaras that are even (dare I say it) years old. No, I’m not throwing them out – I’m finishing them! I’ve been sampling the best mascaras for months and finally have the all-star list and the best part is. . .

Staycation with Babbleboxx

We’ve been blessed to travel almost every month this year and while I love exploring…

Sephora Paperbag

There are so many different combinations when it comes to your face, but at it’s core you need the basics: primer, foundation, concealer, highlighter, bronzer and blush. Setting powders and beauty blenders are certainly a close follow up. There are so many incredible products that are out there and I put together my favorites in the lists…