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4 Winter Nail Colors That Are IT Girl Approved

4 Winter Nail Colors That Are IT Girl Approved

I’m guilty of one of the cardinal breaches of getting your nails done. The sin of being basic and getting the same shade every – single – damn – time. Like clockwork, when the weather changes, I suddenly develop courage and try to mix it up. Here is what my nail salon experience looks like every three weeks.

I call to make an appointment and inevitably show up 15 minutes late. Sure enough, 6 people show up at the exact same time and we are passively (aggressively) trying to beat each other and get seated first.

I immediately turn to the rainbow wall and pick some crazy bold color and mosey my way to the lady declaring that “I’m ready!” She confirms, “Did you pick your color?”, “Sure did!” – I respond as I innocently blink my eyes as I walk past client numbers 2-5 “Ha! Beat You!” I say with an accompanying evil laugh (in my mind).

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The next 45 minutes are grueling torture because I’m covered in foil like a baked potato. I can’t touch my phone, I can barely flip the 6-month-old magazine I’m reading, the kneading on the back massage chair is way too strong and I’m way too short. So what would be a massage on a normal person’s back results in this chair kneading the back of my head repeatedly. 

Not to mention the mental torture of second-guessing my color choice until the technician inevitably asks “So this is your color?” – looking for a simple confirmation – to which I stammer and say, “uh, maybe – ehg could we try it on one finger? Haha sorry!!! I’m so indecisive!”- with an awkward laugh.

She shrugs like she hates me and I know this is going stellar!

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She paints one nail and holds my finger up painfully for me to see it. At this point I’m less sure than I was 45 minutes ago, but frankly, I’m scared of her so I nod politely and let her finish painting each of the nails, hating the color more and more with every stroke.

After a series of UV lights that can potentially cause cancer, I pay an obscene amount of money, tip even more, and promise to see them in 3 weeks.

The madness must stop. We need to solemnly swear to pick a shade before we get to the salon and love it.

So I did my homework. I went to Pinterest and picked the best fall/winter nail polish shades for us to try. Here are my picks for winter nail shades, try them – love them, and then send me your suggestions.

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1) BLACK  

A timeless classic for the edgy and slightly sophisticated. The key to black nails is that they can’t be too long or too “coffin” shaped. This puts them into the realm of witchy nails.

Your best bet is to keep them almond or short and style with midi rings. My favorites black nail polish shades are OPI’s “Black Onyx” or Essie’s “Licorice“.


Light colors would normally fall on my springtime list, but something about grey in the winter is reminiscent of a winter wonderland.

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If you like long nails, this nail polish color is perfect to keep the length. Choose a light and airy nail polish color and opt for a light grey like OPI’s “Suzi Talks With Her Hands” or Essie’s “The Best-Est“.


This seems to be the most natural fit for winter. Between the holidays and the fact that red is always a classic – a deep red or maroon is perfectly fitting for cold weather.

I like the darker burgundy shades like OPI’s “Como Se Llama” or Essie’s “Wicked“. “Black Cherry Chutney” is a dark black-red that would be amazing too. 


I am so into green right now. My two favorite handbags are shades of dark green and I even painted a wall in my office green. If it’s good enough for my house, it should be good enough for my nails.

The forest colors are stylish and perfect for your inner trendsetter. Pair with gold bangles and a latte with a heart and we got ourselves an Instagram picture! Try OPI’s “Things I’ve Seen in Aber-green” or Essie’s “Off Tropic“.