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This One Hair Tool Can Cut Your Hair Styling Time In Half

This One Hair Tool Can Cut Your Hair Styling Time In Half

They say that you always want what you can’t have, but when it comes to my hair, that isn’t true. I can sincerely say that I 100% have been blessed with straight and sleek hair and I don’t want it any other way. My entire adult life I have seen what my friends and even family members go through when styling their mane. Endless products, smoothing serums, diffusers, you name it. Most of them had to straighten their hair before they curled it – so anything to cut down on time was essential. But not me.

** The One I Have ** Beachwaver S1 1 Inch
Beachwaver S1 1.25 Inch
Beachwaver .75 Inch
My biggest hair woe is that it’s sometimes too straight and I struggle to get volume. Is first-world problems for hair a thing? (asking for a friend) I know that I’m super blessed and I’ll own it, but that doesn’t mean that I’m ready to spend hours prepping my hair for a day out. Because my hair tends to be on the flat side, I like to add somebody by curling or waving my hair. One of my favorite tools is The Beachwaver and I have the S1 size that is 1 inch thick.


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This tool has some awesome features but the one that sets it apart if the automatic rotating iron. You literally press the right button if you are doing the right side of your face, and the left if you are doing the left, and voila – automatic curls. Best part? You only have to hold the barrel for 5 seconds! Don’t believe me? Watch the video above. I’ve mastered the process of spending less than 10 minutes on my hair. In fact, this day was 7 minutes and 18 seconds to be exact, but I did speed it up for you to make it easy. 

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In full transparency, I purchased The Beachwaver myself and after about 3 years, I did run into a few issues with the power shutting off automatically. Luckily, I registered my product on their website when I got it for the free warranty. When I ran into the issue I just sent them an email and they sent me a return label and a new one within days! Thumbs up on the cust-serv Beachwaver team!