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100 Women Share What Annoys Them The Most About Their Husbands

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The Biggest Sacrifice I Made for my Marriage

I was chatting last week with a few girls about love and relationships and I was asked: “What is the biggest sacrifice that I’ve made in my marriage?” I had spent the entire night chatting away, but on this one – I was stumped. “Sacrifice? What do you mean? I love being married. I chose my partner myself, he’s wonderful to me. What sacrifice could I have possibly made?” Three days later, it dawned on me. 

You have to understand that I married one of the sweetest, kindest, and selfless men there are in the world. He wants the best for me and almost always over what’s beneficial for him. He is the kind of man that every woman should marry, and he doesn’t ask for much from me. But this one thing was important to him. 

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The Best Netflix Shows You Can Watch With Your Man

When you are married or living together, there are certain things that you have to adjust to. For me, that means that no longer being able to keep Gilmore Girls on as background noise while I edit photos. (Sahir absolutely hates Rory’s voice – I know, I can’t explain it either. In case you were wondering he also has an unexplainable intolerance to cold pizza, Boy Meets World, and Kerry Washington pursing her lips). He has also gotten accustomed to the fact that every TV in the house can’t be on ESPN. While we generally compromise on

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​This One Simple Switch Will Make Your Relationship Stronger

When you get into a new relationship there is a period of time that you have to truly get to know each other. You’re still in your honeymoon phase and everything is rosey with unicorns and sunshine… until you have your first fight. What happens now? Was it a deal-breaker? Do you stop talking for a while? Not sleep till you figure it out? (BAD advice, FYI – sleep on it, always) But all of a sudden the tables have turned and you are in uncharted territory. How you deal with conflict will define your relationship whether this is a casual fling or something long-term…

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This Is The LEAST Important Ingredient Of A Lasting Marriage

You’ve heard the phrase your entire life. Maybe you agree, maybe you passionately dissent or maybe you just aren’t sure where you stand yet on the “opposites attract” theory. In the scope of a successful relationship, how important is this? Do you really need to be opposites – and what does that even mean? Tall & Short? Extrovert & Introvert? Wealthy & Eating-Ramen-Every night…

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Apply This Rule To Your Relationship Immediately

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? Maybe you’ve heard of it when it comes to fitness or eating healthy, but what about in your relationship? New data shows that if you are in a “successful” or “healthy” relationship…

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How To Get Better At Fighting With Your Partner

Wow! I can’t believe this is the 10th post of our series. It’s been such a fun ride and I want to personally take time out to thank you guys for reading and contributing to our fun experiment. Girltalk is one of my favorite things to write about on the blog and getting to collaborate with some of my best girls and bring great content to you is what I live for…

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Conversation Starters For Couples Who Are Over Talking

It’s just another day in your home. You’re having dinner with your partner or your…

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9 Phrases That Have No Place In A Relationship

When we are upset, we naturally use phrases that are engrained in our vocabulary, but some of these can be detrimental. Conversation is designed to bring you closer together and you may be using words that will tear you apart. Here are some of the worst offenders: