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5 Items We Used Everyday With Mila (9-12 Months)

5 Items We Used Everyday With Mila (9-12 Months)

5 Items We Used Everyday With Our Baby (9-12 Months)

I’m honestly not sure how this year went by so quickly. I was pregnant yesterday and now my little girl is one year old! It’s incredible how quickly time flew by and now we’re on the cusp of having a little toddler on our hands.

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Here’s what helped us get through our last trimester of Mila’s first year.

Llama Llama Hide & Seek Book

We are now on our second copy of this book for Mila and she absolutely loves it. It’s interactive and I think she started taking a real interest around 6 months, but it continues to be her favorite book. It’s a great one to have on hand and I think all the littles will really love it when they are closer to that 9-12 month age.

Silicone Toy Attachment

This one I started using when Mila was only a few months old and we would attach it to the top of her infant carseat and her stroller. It helped toys, teethers, and snack cups from falling on the ground – and even though she’s much older now we still use them everyday. Highly recommend.

Bath Toys

I was on the hunt for bath toys that wouldn’t mold, and after trying about 10 different brands I finally found these. Mila is so engaged and loves to play with them alongside her stacker bath toys. I throw them in the dishwasher once or twice a week to ensure they don’t develop bacteria.


This is probably my most popular purchase to date. I posted it on Instagram and TikTok and the videos garnered millions of views, no really, millions. I feel like this worked (and continues to work – we’re 15 months and counting) for my little one. We got this around 6 months old to give her a safe space to play that I can also put away at the end of the day. If your kid is a climber, it may not work for you, but you know your family best.

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After 8 months of testing it, I felt comfortable enough to share with my community that this playpen worked and continues to work well for us.

Spinner Toy

We initially got this for travel because someone had recommended it for a plane toy. It can suction to tables or windows. Mila loves spinning it and it keeps her attention much longer than other toys.

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