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Picky Puppies Prefer Freshpet Food v. Kibble

Picky Puppies Prefer Freshpet Food v. Kibble

This post was created in partnership with Freshpet. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep Simply Sabrina’s doors open. 

Theo has been in our lives for two years and has quickly won our hearts. Getting a new puppy can be terrifying, but a picky puppy is a whole other issue. Somedays I swear that Theo thinks that he is a human and while we’ve limited his amount of “human” food – except for the fruits and veggies that are safe for him (like berries and carrots) Theo still wants the food that we eat – go figure.

I did a lot of research on clean dog food and was traumatized about what I found online. So many companies put suspicious ingredients in their dog food kibble like animal bones and tons of preservatives. This wasn’t what we wanted for our pup or our family. Kibble just looks like it’s unappetizing, dry and tasteless. Fresh food actually looks like pieces of real meat and vegetables so I know that Theo is online getting the best. Kibble, on the other hand, will have over-processed powdered meat or “meat meal” which is certainly not what we want to be feeding Theo. We choose clean ingredients for ourselves and that extends to our whole family.

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In our home, our priority is having a healthy, strong puppy and while we want Theo to have the best, we just don’t have to time to make this food for him. We started using Freshpet a few months ago and Theo literally jumps for his food. Freshpet meets all of our requirements and uses fresh, whole ingredients and is free of any preservatives. Theo gobbles up that US farm-raised chicken or beef in a matter of minutes and I love the convenience of picking up Freshpet from a refrigerator at my local grocery store. 

Gone are the days that he is staring at a bowl of kibble for hours and we are stressing about him finishing his food. Theo looks forward to mealtime and we look forward to having a playful pup with lots of energy. Now both of our meals straight from the fridge to the bowl. Only the best for our pup and that means fresh food & Freshpet.