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The SECRET HACK for Making Your Makeup Last All Day

The SECRET HACK for Making Your Makeup Last All Day

Back in 2020, a makeup trend went viral on TikTok where you reverse the order of products, and it makes your makeup go on smoother and lasts all day.

Sounds crazy, but I had to try it.

So I did.

I tested this for weeks with different products and found out two things. 1) It didn’t really matter what products I used, as long as they were high quality they did the job and 2) Wait times matter – a little bit.

So what’s the secret recipe? Here you go.

Step 1: Moisturizer

My Favorite Moisturizers

Step 2: Setting Powder

My Favorite Setting Powders

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Step 3: Setting Spray

My Favorite Setting Sprays

Step 4: Primer

My Favorite Primers

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Step 5: Foundation

My Favorite Foundations

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Why does this work? By applying setting powder before your foundation, you’re able to soak up any extra oil. Using a setting spray before applying primer gives a little hydration back into your face, for a nice, even application of foundation.

There’s nothing worse than having a beat face and watching it fade away through the day. Treat yourself to makeup that lasts by tweaking the order that your products are applied. You’ll thank me later!

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