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I Swear By This One Rule For Guilt-Free Shopping

I Swear By This One Rule For Guilt-Free Shopping

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Retail therapy is a real thing. The idea that ‘new’ is always better isn’t just a line out of How I Met Your Mother – it’s actually proven.

I polled over 300 people and 80% said that they thought retail therapy was effective – even if just in the short term. So how do we combat the need for something new with the sensibility of being prudent?

Here’s my golden rule for guilt-free shopping.

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That’s it! What’s the key to guilt-free shopping? It’s this. What is the cost of your product and how many times will you actually wear it?

It seems simple and you probably think – yeah I already do it when I’m shopping. But do you really? Do you justify spending three digits on a pair of comfy track pants that you lounge around the house in all the time vs. spending three digits on a dress that you will wear once?

Probably not, but you should.

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Let’s break this down a little further. When I say I live by this – I really mean it.

I found a dress at Zara that I loved last weekend but it was $90. Realistically I’ll likely wear that dress 3x. (In case you were wondering, it was a gorgeous maxi length black lace dress that is perfect for the holiday season and I would have absolutely nowhere to wear it to.) So my cost per wear is likely around $30. 

Alternatively, I’ve often recommended these $100 leggings that I wear every week. I wear them when I run errands, when I go to a low-intensity workout class, and when I travel.

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Even if I wore them twice a month for a year – which is an understatement – that’s 24x. Bringing my cost per wear down to $4.16. So which item makes more sense to buy?

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I know it seems silly to spend a lot of money on basic things, but you have to think about investing in pieces that you will wear often.

What’s the point of getting a white tee that you love – only if you have to replace it every 3 washes because it’s falling apart? It’s time we rethink our basics and be resourceful on those one-off purchases like special event dresses.