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The $100 Clothing Item You Need In Your Closet

The $100 Clothing Item You Need In Your Closet

Workout Clothes, Leggings

The first time I wore leggings I’m pretty sure they were from Forever 21, cotton, and $8.95. The idea of hearing that leggings are $100 was utterly mind-blowing and almost laughable. As a college student I could maybe justify a $100 purse or perhaps even a pair of designer shoes in the triple digits, but a pair of leggings? Get outta here.

Workout Clothes, Leggings


As I’ve gotten older, I’ve certainly gotten wiser and realized that investing in pieces isn’t always a bad idea. Remember when I talked about my “cost-per-wear” theory (see #3 on this list)? If you are going to spend $100 on one article of clothing it better be worth it. Here’s the low down: The Lululemon Align Pant Leggings are 100% worth the $100 price tag.


1) Customer Service

Lululemon has gotten its reputation for a reason. Aside from being a yoga haven, they are also a company based on intention, excellent customer service, and high-quality athletic apparel. It’s real y’all. I’ve had my Align leggings for almost 3 years and after a while noticed that they were pilling (that’s what you call those little white fuzzy dots on your pants, yes they have a name!) I called Lululemon and they swapped it out with no hassle! I have to admit, yes, they did pill but that’s because I didn’t realize that these leggings aren’t made for high-intensity work like running or spin class. The “Naked” sensation leggings are super thin and should be used for more low-impact workouts like yoga. I now use them for everyday athleisure, barre, pilates, and travel! But again, the Lululemon team was so nice and accommodating. When I pay for a premium product, I expect premium service, and Lululemon is the bar that all brands should strive to get on par with.

2) Free Alterations

Of the many perks of a high-end brand is thoughtfulness. As someone who is petite, I absolutely hate how leggings stack up at the foot. It’s literal bracelets around my ankles and a huge red flag that this product is not made for me. While Lululemon doesn’t offer petite sizing, they do you better. They do free alterations!  I get all of my Lululemon leggings altered in my local store and they even ship the leggings to my house for free – because I’m obviously too lazy to pick them up.

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3) Sheer Comfort

I literally cannot travel without these leggings. On more than one occasion, I have been known to start the wash with one item after midnight and actually stayed up to get the items out and lay them flat to dry. I, however, will not admit to wearing semi-wet lettings on the plane. Okay fine, I did it. Sue me. They are so comfortable! The Align pant has a naked sensation which literally means that it feels like you have nothing on. They were actually my Mother’s Day gift to my mom last year and she is obsessed with hers. She wears them every single week – wanna know how many times she uses the Tory Burch bag I got her? Yup. Cost per use.

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I wish I could tell high school me that 1 pair of $100 leggings is worth more than 10 pairs of 10 Forever 21 cotton leggings that will tear after two uses, doesn’t fit me properly and has absolutely no give. I would never recommend something to you that I didn’t truly believe in, and not every pair of Lulus are worth it. If you are taking the plunge, jump into the aligns.