Fitness Pro Dishes: 5 Tricks To Get Excited About Working Out

Even after working out consistently for over a year, I still don’t understand when people tell me that they crave a workout. The only thing I’ve ever craved is chocolate and boba tea, but somehow I’m in the minority. Do I feel guilty missing a workout? Sure. But do I crave one – eh, that’s a stretch? When looking to find motivation, I turned to a professional to see how she powers through her workouts – even when she’s over it. Meet Umama, I love following her page and couldn’t think of anyone better to share some tips on how to power through your slump and take care of your body. Umama Kibria is the Founder of SASS Brands the digital marketing agency behind some of nation’s leading gyms, influencers, and startups in the health and fitness industry. She was named Jezebel Magazine’s Best Fitness Influencer…

Barre Ballet
Barre Experts Explain How To Dominate Your First Class

One of the most challenging parts of starting a new workout is knowing what the heck to do. It’s nerve-wracking to be the new person in a room full of people who know exactly what they are doing. Why do these two-pound weights hurt? So, I chatted with the best in the business for barre about their advice for first-timers and guys, this is gold. . .

What is a Megaformer & What Can it Do For Your Body?

I’ll never forget my first megareformer workout. I had been doing barre and Pilates classes for months and when I heard about this “core-intensive” strength class I was confident that I would be able to kill it. I was so wrong.

My challenge: Stellar Bodies lunchtime workout. 50 minutes of me and this machine that surely wouldn’t be that bad. Right?

Oh, so wrong. ..

What I Learned From Completing 12 Weeks of BBG

I finally made it. Can’t believe it, but I actually finished a work out program and did 12 weeks of BBG. As a serial quitter, this is a huge accomplishment. I want to be clear that I made many modifications to the online program and made this work for me. If you want to learn more about what BBG is and where to find it, I recommend you read this post. I don’t want to bury the lead, so here are answers to all of your questions including my results, if I would recommend the program, and what modifications I made…

Spin Bikes
You Need To Read THIS Before Your First Spin Class

You’ve heard people rave about going to spin class. Whether it’s Flywheel or SoulCycle, Cyc or Cyclebar you know that these classes work – but you are terrified to go. Maybe you’ve been scorn from spin classes in the past or you heard of how painful they can be when you first spinning. I’m here to tell you it’s really not that bad. If you go in prepared and knowing what to expect you can have a pain free ride and dare I say it – even have fun? For those who are looking for a different kind of cardio or hate running (raising my hand)…

APL Shoes
If You HIIT Train You Need To Buy This

When I started getting into fitness, I knew that I wanted to invest in things…

Why I Started BBG

If you’ve never heard of #BBG then you are probably not on Instagram. BBG stands for “Bikini Body Guide” and it’s a workout program by Kayla Itsines that pretty much all of IG swears by. I know, terrible name. I actually read an interview where Kayla says her biggest regret is naming the program “bikini body”. Nonetheless, over 10 million women use her program and now that I’m halfway though my first round, I finally feel prepared to answer all of your questions and give you my honest opinion….

Couple Workout
Why You and Your Beau Should Workout Together

I’ve always been a big fan of finding a workout buddy, but between work, blogging (my second job) and taking care of a home there isn’t much time for the gym, let alone have date night. But why not combine them? About a year ago I convinced Sahir to leave Orange Theory and join ClassPass with me. He was always doing group fitness and frankly…

Workout Attire
Ways To Reach Your Healthy Goals In An Unhealthy Environment

Good news, bad news – want the good news first? Good, because that’s how I like to deliver it. More and more people seems to be into healthy living and fitness! Bad news: social environments and daily life is not set up for wellness success. It’s so tough to be living your best healthy life, when everything around you seems like a sedimentary calorie trap. It’s not impossible though! You have to be vigilant in your pursuit of social activities that meet your needs and …

Spin Studios
6 Best Spin Studios In Atlanta

Five years ago, I took one spin class at a local gym and I promised…