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Ways To Reach Your Healthy Goals In An Unhealthy Environment

Ways To Reach Your Healthy Goals In An Unhealthy Environment

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Good news, bad news – want the good news first? Good, because that’s how I like to deliver it. More and more people seems to be into healthy living and fitness! Bad news: social environments and daily life is not set up for wellness success. It’s so tough to be living your best healthy life, when everything around you seems like a sedimentary calorie trap. 

It’s not impossible though! You have to be vigilant in your pursuit of social activities that meet your needs and hope that your friends, coworkers family will be on board. Unfortunately, while you may be dedicated to your plans you cannot force anyone else to be. You are not in charge of your partner’s choices and you cannot convince, shame, or bribe your way in another person’s priorities – but you can get creative!

Workout Attire

All hope is not lost. Here are some that you can do to help yourself thrive and continue to work towards your wellness goals.

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Know Yourself 

Everyone’s bodies are different and while your partner may be able to down two burgers and not feel a thing, your body may be different. This is an obvious example, but take a second look at your dairy, sodium, sugar, and gluten intake. Does eating certain foods make you feel lethargic or intolerant? Being cautious of your nutrients will help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Pick The Healthier Option

This is by and large my favorite rule when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. When you have two options, always pick the healthier one. Fries or celery? Celery. Fried or grilled chicken? Grilled. Fruit or hash browns? Fruit. This small change will translate 10-fold when it comes to better eating habits. It’s easy.

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Make The Plans

If you wait for someone else to make plans 9/10 times you are putting yourself in a poor situation. Don’t wait for someone else to suggest pizza night and a movie. Encourage your social circle to get out and get active. Bowling is better than 2 hours in a dark theatre and going for a hike and then brunch is even better. My husband and I have been able to make date nights – workout dates and we go 2 times on weekday evenings and one weekend morning. It’s fun because we are doing it together. 

One of the worst things about living a sedimentary lifestyle is just the sheer amount of sitting that we do. So make a plan to do a “walking meeting” if you are doing a 1-1 with anyone at work. Make 3 laps around a courtyard or office area, walking will allow you to step away from the screen, move a little, and your co-worker won’t be suspicious of your ulterior motives!

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Being responsible for your own success can be tough, but remember that healthy living is a marathon, not a sprint. Crash diets will only go so far and are not sustainable over time. Enjoy your life and allow yourself treats. Let’s face it, food is delicious and is not the mortal enemy. Workout hard and reward yourself. Focus on being strong instead of skinny and being healthy instead of thin. 

What are your favorite tips for living your best life?