Why I Started BBG

If you’ve never heard of #BBG then you are probably not on Instagram. BBG stands for “Bikini Body Guide” and it’s a workout program by Kayla Itsines that pretty much all of IG swears by. I know, terrible name. I actually read an interview where Kayla says her biggest regret is naming the program “bikini body”. Nonetheless, over 10 million women use her program and now that I’m halfway though my first round, I finally feel prepared to answer all of your questions and give you my honest opinion….

Couple Workout
Why You and Your Beau Should Workout Together

I’ve always been a big fan of finding a workout buddy, but between work, blogging (my second job) and taking care of a home there isn’t much time for the gym, let alone have date night. But why not combine them? About a year ago I convinced Sahir to leave Orange Theory and join ClassPass with me. He was always doing group fitness and frankly…

4 Undeniable Tips To Find Your Confidence

We’ve all been there. You are sitting in front of your computer dreading what you need to do next. Whether it’s talking to your boss about the raise that you know you deserve or forcing yourself to deal with the hassle of buying a new car – where do you even start with a daunting task? How do you find the confidence to tackle things that scare you? *Starts googling “how to find the confidence to…”

Workout Attire
Ways To Reach Your Healthy Goals In An Unhealthy Environment

Good news, bad news – want the good news first? Good, because that’s how I like to deliver it. More and more people seems to be into healthy living and fitness! Bad news: social environments and daily life is not set up for wellness success. It’s so tough to be living your best healthy life, when everything around you seems like a sedimentary calorie trap. It’s not impossible though! You have to be vigilant in your pursuit of social activities that meet your needs and …

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Creativity As An Adult

I’ve been a dancer my entire life. I dabbled between traditional dance, figure skating, step,…

Alarm Clock
3 Tips for Finding Time for Creativity While Working Full-Time

There are so many times in your life when you feel like you just can’t make time for yourself. I’ve found that with time, schedules get busier and busier and you have to make time for the things that you care about. Your best life is not when you are solely fulfilled by your work – rather when you feel happy in your home life, work life, and personal life holistically…

Poodle on the Park
How My Dog Taught Me To Be A Better Person

It’s Theo’s first birthday! I can’t believe my little pup is already one. It’s true they do grow up too fast! Especially since this nugget was full grown at around 7 months and we got him at 2 months, so it was less than half a year of having a baby puppy.

Having a dog was something that Sahir and I always talked about hypothetically, but I didn’t ever think would come to fruition. When we decided to …

6 Month PUPDATE with Theo

You’ve already met Theo here  & seen him here , but now you get to know the whole story behind the newest addition to our family. In my latest YouTube video, I’m sharing all of the deets about Theo. What kind of dog he is, why…

A Day In The Life of a Part-Time Blogger With a Full-Time Job

As a blogger who has chosen to keep my “day job”, my schedule is nothing but simple. As a wife, puppy-mom, tech professional, and of course blogger – I am constantly multitasking and trying to cross as many things off my list as possible in a day. Every so often I run into someone who says, “How do you do it all?!” Little do they know, that none of us are holding it all together. I just do…

Spin Studios
6 Best Spin Studios In Atlanta

Five years ago, I took one spin class at a local gym and I promised…