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We’re Making Moves

We’re Making Moves

This past year came with its slew of challenges. None of us expected to have such a crazy year, but throughout it all we learned to focus on what we can control, taking care of our mental and physical health, and overall that life is super unexpected and just to go for what we want.

So we did.

While tons of people are migrating to suburbia with a wealth of acreage and access to Costco, Sahir and I are buying and building a new house – in the city.

I’ve been wanting to share this information with you guys for so long, but I figured the start of the year was a good time to share the news. In fact, I’ve been itching to share the news.

Wait, didn’t you just renovate?

Those of you who have been around for a while know that we moved out of our 1970s home in 2019 for a few months and renovated every wall, floor, and light. It was an experience that truly took years off our lives, but in the grand scheme of life experience, I’m glad we did it.

However, after going through that experience it created a double-edged predicament. 1) We never want to renovate that level again and 2) We are not okay with living in a cookie cutter home that someone else designed. Welp.

Sahir and I were window shopping for houses for a few months. We knew that our starter home was a 3-5 year home and our renovation bought us another few years on top of that. Our #SimplyCasita turned 6 in December and so we started window shopping softly. We thought if we could find the right house, we would make the move – but honestly, I was skeptical.

How we decided on this house

The first decision was where. Sahir’s office is actually closer to the suburbs and I work from home, so it made more sense to get bang for our buck and move into suburbia. Except — it’s not the life that either of us wanted.

Both Sahir and I were born in Atlanta, and we’ve lived here our entire lives. We went to school at the University of Georgia, lived in a northeastern suburb. Once we got married, we moved into a cute little neighborhood just inside the city.

Sahir and I knew we both would have loved to live in another city for a short period. Atlanta is home and we love it, but its city living is something we always wanted to experience. Granted, I think he wanted to be in a water city like Boston or San Diego and I wanted to be in Paris (hey, the Seine is there!) but still.

Because of Sahir’s company, we likely won’t ever get the opportunity to live in another city. Since we know that we want to raise a family close to home, it’s unlikely.

We’re still a few years away from having to worry about school districts and proximity to Walgreens. So we decided to go with it and move further into the city of Atlanta.

In this home, we are designing and building from scratch. This means we get to pick every light fixture, every faucet, every fan, and on every floor.

Thrilling? Yes. Terrifying? Also, yes.

So why this house?

We like to live our lives in five-year increments. And while these last five years were absolutely magical and our first home together after we got married. These next five years will be a little of a different experience. We want to be able to walk to grocery stores, restaurants, and have access to public areas like the belt line.

Most of all, since we’ve renovated our home. We wanted to put our own touch in and design a home. So building seemed like the right opportunity.

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We looked at a couple of different spaces, but once we saw this property, and we met the build team. We were both looked at each other and just knew. This is the home that we wanted. And within two weeks we went from seeing the property once to putting an offer in getting an accepted and going under contract.

So what’s different about this house?

This is going to be a five-level home with a view of the Atlanta skyline. We are truly moving into the city. While we weren’t ready to compromise space and move into a condo in a high rise, this is going to be a viable option for us to experience what city living is like.

Our first design meeting is tomorrow, and the build team will show us all the things they offer. Once we go through this design process, we’ll have approximately a week to make final decisions.

Uh hello, a week!? Yes, I have 7 days to decide on what pieces go into our home. I think that’s pretty crazy. How am I going to decide in seven days, which faucets I want, in which bathroom? We have four and a half bathrooms! That’s so many faucets!?

Clearly, I’m stressing already.

Ultimately, my goal is to take you through the design process with us. I know firsthand how stressful building a home can be, but this new chapter is exciting, and I’m excited to share it with you.

I’ll share more soon, but just so we’re on the same page, #SimplyInTheCity coming soon.