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CLASSPASS ATLANTA: Advantages & Disadvantages

CLASSPASS ATLANTA: Advantages & Disadvantages

Pictures from Fit2Be Atlanta & Pure Barre Druid Hills

When ClassPass reached out to me about their expansion into the Atlanta area I was ecstatic. I had heard about the service from friends up north and on the West Coast, but to finally be able to experience it in Atlanta was thrilling. The first thing I did was look up all of the classes that they offer and there was such a cool mix. I’ve always wanted to try Hot Yoga and Barre class (I’ve done Ballet Fusion, but proper Barre is completely different.)

The next day I discovered that a coworker had just signed up for ClassPass and now I would have a buddy! It’s such a great experience to go through it with a friend. So far this week i’ve gone to 3 classes and have 2 more lined up for the weekend! New year, new me!

Here’s the bottom line:
For $99 a month (update Oct 2015), you can visit as many studios as you want and take as many classes as you want. The catch? You can only visit the same studio 3x in one month.

  • Try out so many new types of classes
  • Discover new studios
  • Meet new people
  • Sample classes to find the right fit for you 
  • Price


  • Being a “rookie” everytime
  • No progress meter within the studio (i.e. joining the PureBarre challenge)
So far so me, the perks outweigh the disadvantages and i’m looking forward to convincing more of my friends to sign up for ClassPass so that we can go to classes together! My goal is to do 3-4 classes a week, and supplement outdoors runs once the weather is a bit more stable. You really can’t beat the price, unlimited classes at any one studio start at $150, so to have an unlimited membership to over 50 studios for half the price is a steal.
If you want to sign up for Classpass you can get $10 off your first month HERE!