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Wow. So many things to share. I filled you guys in on Instagram yesterday, but I am formally announcing that (professionally) changed jobs. Most of you think that I am a full-time blogger, but actually, I’m not! I love to blog and have been doing it – forever – but I actually work a full-time job that I enjoy. As of last week, I have officially moved over from Turner Sports to Turner Entertainment. After 3 long years, I was ready for a change and excited about growing in my field. It has been a lot to take in so far, but since you all are such a big part of my life – I wanted to share the exciting news with you. In case you were wondering… will be the Product Manager overseeing the User Experience of all of the TBS & TNT apps in the digital product portfolio, including mobile/tablet/web/& OTT devices. (& yes, will still be blogging regularly)

Now, in other news…

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to multiple different cities every year. Whether it’s in a neighboring state, across the country, or across the world – I love visiting other cities and experiencing their lifestyle first hand. However, when it’s all said and done, I love to come home. For so many people, home is an ambiguous term.. is it where you were born? Where your childhood home is? Where your parents live? Where you live now? I’m lucky enough that all of those lead to the same place, Atlanta.

I feel like I regularly get into conversations with my friends, coworkers, and complete strangers about what a great city Atlanta is. While it is a city of transplants, even many of the residents who grew up here or in neighboring suburbs have no idea how much the city has evolved or aren’t informed enough to take advantage of it. NY, LA, SF, Chicago, Austin, and even D.C. have citizens raving about how tremendous their cities are… but Atlanta is great too – didn’t you know?

This is something that I’m extremely passionate about. I love Atlanta, and I love my home. My blog has been many things over the years, and now it will include a “love letter” to my city. I’ve been working on a master list of over 100 new blog topics to bring to you with many of them focusing on the things that you guys wanted from me via the survey (beauty, tutorials, travel, and girltalk) and new to the blog: Atlanta Livin’. Don’t worry, if you aren’t local there will still be so much that you can take from these posts and at the very least it should inspire you to make a trip to the place I call home.

Cheers to new adventures!