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Why Makeup Wipes Are The Devil

Why Makeup Wipes Are The Devil

Throughout my endless research on skincare two things have become alarming apparent: 1) You need to wear SPF every single day and 2) Makeup wipes are actually the devil. I’ve already covered why we need to double cleanse and this post is for the non-believers who think I’m being dramatic.

Okay fine, I am a little bit – but it’s for a good cause! Here are 3 reasons why you need to be careful when using makeup wipes.

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Make Up Wipes. Wipes. Removing Make Up, Skin Hygiene

First I have to say that I know the feeling. I know how tired you are and I know how convenient makeup wipes are. I keep them in my bathroom and use at least a few times a week.

They even made little travel size ones that are so damn cute they look like candy wrappers. But the problem isn’t the wipes, it’s if you only use the wipes.

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There Are Lots of Chemicals

Wipes maintain their moisture because preservatives are used to keep them that way. We like them because they work at removing the dirt, oil and makeup on our face. The preservatives have to be strong to ensure that the product – which is prone to mold and fungus – stays intact. Think about that.

Some wipes even have formaldehyde-releasing chemicals, solubilizes, surfactants and emulsifiers. If you don’t wash your face after using wipes. you’re leaving harsh chemicals on your skin.

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They Don’t Really Clean Your Skin

Unfortunately, makeup wipes aren’t actually cleaning your face. They are removing the product build-up on top of it. When you think about it, it’s what they are designed to do.

If you don’t wash your face afterward you will essentially be smearing around traces of dirt, oil, and makeup that were on your face potentially leaving your skin more irritated than when you started.

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Using Makeup Wipes Will Make You Break Out

If this seems counterintuitive it’s because it is. Since wipes aren’t completely effective at getting rid of dirt, oil, and makeup – you can start to see a rise in clogged pores, breakouts and blackheads. Yuck! Often times the wipes can leave a thin film behind that will attract germs to your face. But that is easily avoided if you just wash your face afterward with a gentle cleanser.

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Are wipes better than nothing at all? Probably – but just remember that the next time you’re too lazy to rinse your face after using a makeup wipe that your skin is now covered in chemicals and traces of dirt & makeup.

I have to admit, I actually do use makeup wipes occasionally as the first step of my cleanse because they allow me to thoroughly the product off my face before I start to cleanse my skin (double cleanse of course).

Fine, I was being a little dramatic. Makeup wipes aren’t all terrible, but be cautious if you use them alone.

Here’s what I use instead:

I use a reusable cotton pad and soak it with micellar water. If you don’t know what micellar water is, read this post.

It’s time for your double cleanse. You’ll want to go in with your oil based cleanser. (I like this one!). Next is your water based cleanser; I like this one from Kinship.

If you don’t know why double cleansing is so important, I want you to read this post here. I realize it’s hard to wash your face once when you’re tired, but I swear your skin will thank you for it (& it only takes 30 more seconds.)