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Why He Should Own The “Girlfriend Tax” and Wear It As A Badge

Why He Should Own The “Girlfriend Tax” and Wear It As A Badge

Have you heard of the ‘Girlfriend Tax’? I hadn’t. Well, at least until last week. Apparently, it’s a term coined by the bro-squad that quite literally means the tax that you pay to have a girlfriend. Remember that scene in Friends where the girl keeps reaching across the table and eating Joey’s fries? This quintessential experience embodies everything that the ‘Girlfriend Tax’ represents. But so what? Maybe you miss a few nights out with your boys? So what if you skip a poker night for a John Mayer concert instead – is it worth the price to pay for love?

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According to Urban Dictionary, which is pretty much Webster for millennials, the Girlfriend Tax is “The amount of fries taken by your female significant other, after you’ve already asked her if she was hungry but she insisted she didn’t want anything.” Fine – whatever, we like fries. But look at the other side – paying the ‘Girlfriend Tax’ also means that there is a girlfriend that’s in your life and you are reaping the benefits of that relationship. No – not that benefit. But hey, get yours.

I mean all of the things that being in a relationship offers you as a person. Let’s take a second and explore that, shall we?

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Why He Should Own The Girlfriend Tax

A Partnership

There are few times in your life that you truly feel the pride and joy of being on a team. If you’ve ever played a sport you know that there’s nothing like the high of a big win and having someone to celebrate that with. Imagine that but for everything in your life. Killed it at a presentation at work? Trying to cut back on sugar? Training for a 5k? Imagine having someone in your corner all the time to celebrate the wins with you and mourn the losses. It’s pretty incredible to take the strides and fall in a pair.

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A Personal Cheerleader

Everyone gets down on themselves and that’s totally normal. But it’s best to turn to your friends and your sig-oth in times like this to remind yourself why you are awesome. We are often our biggest critics and hearing what makes you great from the people whom you love and respect the most can be a game-changer.


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The Fun Stuff

Having an on-call bestie means that you get to have someone to travel with, call when you get into the car and make long-term bets about your other friends with. (Seriously, if you haven’t done this yet with your S.O. you totally should). Watch the movie marathon, act like kids playing Skeeball at the arcade, and go to bed eating milk and cookies. Enjoy the company of a partner who just gets you.

Note: all of the benefits listed above are totally applicable to a kick-ass friendship, so let’s maybe we should have titled this: Own the friend tax. If you are single then check out this post about owning YOU before you find “the one”

So there you have it. Ladies, share this with your fellas or friends — and fellas if you’re reading this – pass the fries. We earned it.