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3 Ways To Slay Your Side Hustle

3 Ways To Slay Your Side Hustle

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This post has been sponsored by Zebra Pen. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Simply Sabrina’s doors open.

It’s been eight years of my dual career and if I said that it got any easier, I would be lying. Working full-time in technology and running my own website on the side has been one of the most exhilarating and exhausting things that I’ve ever done. While it may not be easy, having something that you have built from scratch and cultivated with your own self-taught talent, work ethic and grind are truly rewarding. Turning creative pursuits into a side career has many benefits, but in order to avoid burnout here are a few tips that I swear by:

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Have you heard the saying, “Make your bed in the morning, so you’ve already accomplished one thing”? No? Well, now you have. Kicking off your day with a productive morning is essential to those who are limited on time. Set your alarm early enough to snooze without throwing your day off and try to accomplish at least one thing in the morning. For me, I try to focus a few minutes on my mind, body, and soul. Waking up at 7 and getting through my morning prayers & meditation help wake me up and prepare me to take Theo out for a jog. I always try to get through one round of checking email before I even get into the office, you can catch a glimpse of my morning routine in the video below.


Some people are #teamphone and others are #teampaper and I’m certainly the latter. I don’t go anywhere without my notebook or Zebra pen and am always keeping a running list of everything that I need to accomplish in a given day. I love the feeling of being able to scratch out my accomplishments as I finish them and even take on a few easy ones there just to make myself feel better. “Wake Up” – check!

Being on #teampaper requires me to always be prepared and there’s nothing like writing with the perfect pen. I’m super picky about my pens and the Zebra STEEL X-701 Ballpoint Retractable Pen is everything that you can want in a pen. It’s sleek, oil-based, and just the right pen for the job. Check out more information on how to choose different with Zebra here.

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We all have the same amount of hours in the day, but if you are taking on a side hustle it means that you are truly hustling. Lack of sleep doesn’t have to be part of the equation if you work smarter and not harder. (Remember these productivity tips?) Slotting time out for everything you need to accomplish is important for getting through your to-do list. I like to schedule time for things like breaks, meals and just spending time with my family in addition to the work for my full-time job & my side hustle. My Zebra Pen is the perfect tool for the job.

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