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This Simple Chart Explains What’s Actually In Your Starbucks Order

This Simple Chart Explains What’s Actually In Your Starbucks Order

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If you are like most red-blooded American women, your first introduction to coffee manifested itself in the form of a whipped, frosty Starbucks Frappuccino. The $4 cup of pure sugar was a status symbol that the 2000s icon herself, Paris Hilton, coined. Like other iconic symbols from two decades ago (the Juicy tracksuit and the Tiffany & Co charm bracelet) the Frappachio meant something. Name recognition was everything and that green straw meant that you had a broken-off piece of luxury to flaunt to everyone around you. Which kids, actually meant something, before the invention of simply ’doing it for the gram’.

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Maybe you are still in Frappuccino land or maybe you’ve migrated to the next stop in Basicville, the Vanilla Latte. Oh, I’m not throwing shade – I actually live down the street on French Vanilla Boulevard. Or maybe you are running with the big dogs and drinking an Americano, Expresso, or dare I say it? A Flat White!

Perhaps you are paying tribute to your cultural roots and owning the Chai Tea Latte or just feeling cultured in a Macchiato (unless it’s from Starbucks because you just realized that a Caramel Macchiato is a Vanilla Latte with $.50 worth of caramel drizzle on top – whoops.) Is a coffee drink not real coffee? Who can really say?

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Either way, the facts are the facts. Whether you are Team Starbucks, running on Dunkin’, or would rather farm your own coffee beans then drink from a chain coffee shop – this chart is for you. It’s time to find out what is actually in your favorite drinks and impress your friends with your coffee drink expertise. Who knows, you might find yourself in the hot seat of “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire” one day and thank goodness for this post + your coffee-based-trivia-knowledge. Although the former is more likely. 

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Yes, I made this image. Yes, it took a long time. If you enjoyed this post then share it with a friend. Whether coffee is an occasional treat for you or pretty much running in your veins, knowing is always better – and now you know what’s in your favorite drinks and hopefully, this inspired you to try something new next time or just stick to your usual.