This Little Known Product is a Game Changer For Brassy Brunettes

I was probably 15 when I first got my hair colored. I wanted highlights, but wasn’t sure what the right color for me was. My mom – unsupportive of my mission – left it up to me to pick my poison. I chose a caramel brown (in hindsight, this was all wrong for me). But it wasn’t long before the wrong brown turned into the wrong blonde. I realized that my color-treated hair got lighter with the sun. A few weeks went by and I was so traumatized by color that I threw in the towel and dyed my hair black. – Jet black – way to dark for me as well. (Insert face palm emoji here), until I found this…

3 Hair Products That Make Drying Your Hair Less Miserable

When it comes to washing my hair I’m literally the worst. You know that I…

T3 Curling Iron
This Curling Wand Is Trending – But Is It Worth The Hype?

Every couple of years a hair tool comes out that is said to revolutionize the…

The Most Popular Salon on IG Swears By This $30 Curling Iron – So I Tried It

When it comes to hair tools, there is never a one size fits all solution. Everyone has wildly different hair that may or may not be receptive to certain hot tools, temperatures or brands. But Habit Salon’s signature is beachy waves and it seems to work on everyone. Could it be true that you really only need a $30 curling iron for those magic mermaid waves?

Secret To Healthy & Shiny Hair? Here’s 5 Things Never To Do

My hair is literally the one thing I don’t want to trade anyone forever. But since I get this question almost daily, I owe it to you to answer honestly and share what I do to keep my hair healthy & shiny. In fact, I’m going to do you one better and tell you 5 things that I don’t do. Ready?

Aveda Dry Shampoo
BIBLE. This Dry Shampoo Kept My Hair Clean For An Entire Week

Some people are wine connoisseurs, others are ice cream aficionados, and my friends, I know my dry shampoo. I’ve tried over 30 brands in all formulas: the mists, the sprays, and my personal favorite- the powder. Each brand promises magical results, but often fall short. Lately, there’s only one brand I’ve been obsessed with and it’s cleared out my entire supply of other dry shampoo bottles. . .

Jumping Rope, Dumbbell, Shoes
A Surefire Solution To Gym-Proof Your Hair

Long hair? Yes, I care. Because it hurts! As if tension headaches weren’t real enough (yes, they’re a thing) the only thing worse than dealing with an unsupportive sports bra, is an unsupportive bun on the top of your head that is the first to give up on the workout. How many times do you re-tie your hair during a workout? Survey says, “over 3” That’s madness and there’s a better way…

Messy Bun
This Brilliant Hair Hack Is Perfect For 3rd Day Hair

At least once a week, someone on Instagram sees my this hairstyle and asks me to recreate it for them. While, I’m happy to do so, I always feel so silly because there is literally nothing involved in it. After sending about 9 direct messages videos, literally sitting at my desk to followers, I decided to finally just record a quick video for you guys to be able to reference and watch at your leisure…

Simple Messy Braided Updo With TRESemmé

I love having fun, beautiful hairdos but when it comes to the complicated styles, I am pretty much useless. What I am great at is braids! I’ve devised a number of hairstyles that use braids as the main component and that are simple and easy to recreate. Here is one of my favorite styles that is so easy, you won’t even believe it. I went by my local Walmart to pick up some TRESemmé goodies to help me make this style…


We’ve all seen the Pinterest pictures and obsessed over those natural, loose, waves with sun kissed color. We take those photos, save them to our phone, and happily show them to our stylist. Four hours and $300 later, we are left with something that looks remotely similar? But the chunks are bigger, the color is warmer, and it doesn’t look – well, even.

Well, that’s because it’s not supposed to…