The Only Shorts You Need In Your Closet

I absolutely love high-waisted shorts. Something about the way they fall on the most flattering part of your waistline makes me excited about wearing tucked-in shirts, crop tops, and even festive bralettes. What’s not so fun about high-waisted shorts? The ride-up. You feel me ladies? —Until now.

The Best Drugstore Finds From Physicians Formula

Did you know that the FDA does not regulate the cosmetic industry? Since then, I’ve been super particular about the brands that I wear. Physicians Formula is not only a drugstore brand, but they are allergen and paraben free. If you are getting started with Physicians Formula, I recommend these 5 products…

The Most Popular Salon on IG Swears By This $30 Curling Iron – So I Tried It

When it comes to hair tools, there is never a one size fits all solution. Everyone has wildly different hair that may or may not be receptive to certain hot tools, temperatures or brands. But Habit Salon’s signature is beachy waves and it seems to work on everyone. Could it be true that you really only need a $30 curling iron for those magic mermaid waves?

Instagram’s Top Makeup Artists Share Beauty Secrets For WOC

Ever wanted to know the trade secrets of professional makeup artists? Me too! I grew…

Secret To Healthy & Shiny Hair? Here’s 5 Things Never To Do

My hair is literally the one thing I don’t want to trade anyone forever. But since I get this question almost daily, I owe it to you to answer honestly and share what I do to keep my hair healthy & shiny. In fact, I’m going to do you one better and tell you 5 things that I don’t do. Ready?

Here’s Why You Need To Know The Difference Between Surface Tone & Undertone

As if it wasn’t complicated enough to try to figure out what your skin’s undertone is and upon further research I discovered that there’s literally another layer to all of this – & it’s call your surface tone. Have you ever felt like you put on foundation that just seemed like you were wearing a mask? Have you ever immediately regretted. . .

Undeniable Secrets To Skin That Glows

Whether or not spring fever has you headed to the beach or heads down in your work, we all are craving that sun-kissed glow. As someone with medium skin, I’ve never been “pale” in the traditional sense. And in fact, I spent most of my life hiding from the sun because I tan so easily. Even with high SPF that my parents would force me…

Aveda Dry Shampoo
BIBLE. This Dry Shampoo Kept My Hair Clean For An Entire Week

Some people are wine connoisseurs, others are ice cream aficionados, and my friends, I know my dry shampoo. I’ve tried over 30 brands in all formulas: the mists, the sprays, and my personal favorite- the powder. Each brand promises magical results, but often fall short. Lately, there’s only one brand I’ve been obsessed with and it’s cleared out my entire supply of other dry shampoo bottles. . .

This Fashion Trend Is Back – & Here To Stay

Remember when you saw old pictures of your parents in the 70s & 80s and you were laughed while asking “Why did you think it was a good idea to have huge hair & those massive glasses?” Seems like what truly does go around, comes around. Not sure where you were in 2008 (if you say you weren’t born yet, I’ll die), but I was roaming the halls of my high school with my angled bangs, jeans without back pockets, and Birkenstock shoes (woof!). Some trends can stay in the past, looking at your stretchy tattoo choker necklaces – but some I welcome back with open arms, like this one…

Make Up
Beauty Gurus Swear By These 5 Benefit Products

You’ve seen them at the mall, at Ulta and even at the airport, Benefit Cosmetics is everywhere you need a quick fix product and that’s exactly the principle that the company was founded on.True to their San Francisco roots, Benefit’s first product was created for exotic dancers in need of a skin-colored tint – wowza. Here are the top 5 Benefit products today: