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15 Beautiful Minimalist Holiday Decor Ideas

15 Beautiful Minimalist Holiday Decor Ideas

Holiday Decor

Remember when we used to celebrate doing the most? These days I’m all about doing the least – okay fine, the bare freaking minimum. Time isn’t a luxury for me this time of year, but I still want to celebrate the season in style. I’m taking a page out of some of my favorite home bloggers and styling this holiday season minimally.

Holiday Decor

It could be partially because I’m too lazy or partially because I am just really into minimalist design lately. I mean, you know this. You’ve seen my living room renovation & our laundry room. Heck, you’ve even seen the outside of our home in our recent exterior home paint project – that was oh so risky.

Image via Vanchitecture
Image via The Nester

Minimalist Holiday Decor Ideas

Here are a few tips:

Use White Lights Over Colored Ones

Image Via Comfy Dwelling
Image via Comfy Dwelling

The season may sparkly bright with colorful lights, but in my home white lights are key. I love the ambiance of elegance that white light brings especially when considering minimal holiday decor.

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Choose Darker Shades of Green & Red

Image Via Treasures & Travels
Image Via Treasures & Travels
Image Via Paige Knudsen

Bright red and green may be in the realm of ‘holiday spirit’ but frankly it’s hard to just do a little when neon green is on the menu. Opt for darker shades of green and red if you chose to add color at all. Evergreen isn’t just a word it’s a mantra. 

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See Also

Pad with Neutrals

Image via Homey Oh My
Image via No Home Without You

Neutrals are a great way to add color without being too loud this holiday season. I love this because I can use things from around my house already OR purchase things that can be used year-round and add more longevity to your purchases. Other creative options are grey knitted blankets/stockings, black vases, and wood or burlap material. 

Add Texture

Image via The Merry Thought
Image via Pinterest

Adding a layer of white fluff (literally) like a shaggy rug can be a game-changer for minimalist holiday decor. The best thing is that can find these items around your home or in any home decor store without trolling the “merry” isles. The texture will be a welcome addition to your minimalist Christmas spirit. 

Image via Pinterest
Image via Meidan Harmoniaa

Don’t Be Afraid of Gold

I always tell my husband, “it’s not gold, it’s champagne bronze” – oops, sorry if you’re reading this hubby. But whether it’s an antique gold or bronze, the color will immediately elevate your minimal holiday decor plans with an extra dose of opulence. [Yes, I just used an SAT word in a sentence.]  

Image via Shades of Blue Interiors
Image via These Four Walls

Whether you are ready for a holiday grenade or keeping it toned down this year, I’d love to see the way you bring the spirit of the season into your homes. Send me a picture of your home on Instagram here (& I’ll be sharing my favorites!)