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Remember when you were a kid and there were always times throughout the year that you had to bring something to share to school. Whether it’s a class event, International day, country day, whatever the case – you (as a child) were required to “make” something and bring it to class the next day. Amongst my many accomplishments in grade school, always forgetting to bring something was my thing. Even as consistent as I was, my mom was not impressed. Inevitably, I would call my single-mother-raising-two-daughters-who-just-worked-a-13-hour-shift at 7 AM to tell her I needed to have a meal in the next hour “or else I’ll get a bad grade!” – Asian child blackmail. Time and time again, she would yell at me, and then bring me lal-aloo. Note: In hindsight, that was pretty crappy of me, sorry mom!


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indian spiced red potatoes

simple indian dish
simple indian appetizer

Lal Aloo is one of the simplest recipes that you will ever make, which is probably why it was my mom’s dish of choice. Elementary schoolers can afford to eat the carbs and the fact that the name quite literally translates to “red potatoes” made it easy enough to explain. Plus it was always fun watching the anglo-saxon kids try to eat my moms hyper-mild version of what can only be described as spicy-starches. 


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quick & easy indian cooking

spicy indian potatoes

While you can adjust the spice level, the fun is in the flavor. Lal-aloo is a Indian-Pakistani dish that can be made a multitude of ways and goes by many names like Lal Batate, Khatte Aloo or even Bombay Potatoes which is honestly a little much – even coming from me. 

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indian home cooking

home cooked indian meal

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