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Everything I Bought & Loved From Amazon This Month

Everything I Bought & Loved From Amazon This Month

Monthly Amazon round up have always been popular posts here on Simply, because like you – I’m prime-obsessed but don’t want to add a bunch of clutter to my closet. 

To remedy the situation, I’m committed to testing out products all month and sharing only my favorites in this post. Enjoy!

Everything I Bought & Loved From Amazon This Month

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Biore UV SPF

So I’ve been working on a 7 days of sunscreen series where I test out mineral sunscreens on my darker skin to test them for white cast, greasiness, smell, and texture. I’ve only tested 4 so far, but spoiler alert: this one is the one to beat. So far it’s been the best option and the most affordable! Snag this from Amazon while you can. 

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Long-sleeved Dress

I got so many questions about this dress when I wore it to my bestie’s bridal shower. It’s such a cute and flowy dress that’s universally flattering on everyone, plus at a great price. It comes in a ton of colors and prints too!

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I’m someone who goes in between being addicted to my iPad planner and a written planner, truly depending on my season of life. Right now, I would literally *die* without my written planner. I have color coded gel pens to go with it – and I’m not even embarrassed about it. This planner has the perfect lines, the perfect weekly layout, and it’s the perfect size. 10/10 recommend. 

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Steve Madden Shoes

You guys have seen me wear these Steve Madden mules around and they have easily become my go-tos. Funny enough, I never wore mules before. I’ve realized they are the fall (or formal) equivalent of flip flops. You can slip them on, they go with everything, except you look polished and sleek. 

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Essence Mascara

You know that I’ve been raving about this $5 mascara for months now and if you haven’t tried it yet – now is the time. It’s a cult-classic and worth the hype. My baby lashes swear by it. 

Neutrogena Moisturizer

When I did my interview with my friend and dermatologist, Doctor Derm, she mentioned that this drugstore moisturizer was her favorite one -and I have never hit *add to cart* so fast. Now I’m on my third bottle and I refuse to share with Sahir. This is truly the most hydrating moisturizer and good to sensitive skin too. I use it morning and night.

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Babyliss Curling Iron

My hair colorist swears by this curling wand and for the price, I knew I had to try it for myself. I’ve reviewed the Babyliss before in this post here – but never a barrel of this size. Since my hair has gotten super long and I’m more into textured waves, I’ve been loving this larger barrel curling iron. 

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Lounge Set

While some people may be returning into the office, I still work from home so loungewear is a must have. This comfy set is perfect for working, sleeping, or even running errands. I like that it’s looser and the shorts are *super* short. 

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